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Yoga Challenge

So it’s spring and because we have had such beautiful weather I decided to do another challenge.

I thought long and hard about what I wanted to do because I didn’t want to commit to a challenge and not follow through with it and also it had to be something that was outside of my comfort zone, which is doing nothing and it had to be something that was going to help with my stress levels.

So here it is….  a 10 day yoga challenge but the nice thing about it is that if I like it I will continue and hopefully make it a morning routine. The idea is to following the challenge by doing one yoga pose a day for about 20mins or for however long you comfortable with, until the challenge is completed. If you want I can do all the research as to how exactly these poses must be done and add it to my feedback posts.  I think what would be nice to do is to take a pic a day and report on my process and how I feel about each pose. What do you think?

Please do join my in my yoga journey and report on your process too.

images2MG96CBU and I got this picture from the above website, please do go check it out If you click on the first link you will be able to see the picture clearer. Hope this helps.

Let’s get into it,

Cheers Abieda

  1. I want to get into it actually. Maybe we should try a class together

    • Sounds good, although I need to get my virgin active card first. 🙂 or you could join me on my challenge journey. Its only 10 days 🙂

  2. I am up for the challenge Bidi ????

  3. I’m also going to give it a go

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