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YAY! The Holidays are over

Yo today is the last day of holiday and you guys won’t believe (or maybe you can) how long, exhausting and tiring this month long holiday was. It was awesome because I got to spend much needed time with them before I go back to the real world after a 4 month maternity leave break. I am ready to get back into it.

The run-down of the Holiday:

– Somehow my kids are just a lot more unruly – the more we talk the more they don’t listen, they backchat and won’t say please and thank you when they ask for something. I literally have to drill it into their brains.

– They did the complete opposite of what I ask – just a minute ago I said to them not to shout, that Yameen was sleeping and to stay clear from the back rooms and play in the lounge – guess where the fuck they are? yep in their room right next to my room where he is sleeping.

– They break everything from plants to just a minute ago my earphones wtf

– They swam a lot which was great, the swimming lessons worked out because it gave them confidence in the water.

– Their bedtime routine went out the door the moment their holiday started and to be honest I just didn’t have the energy to fight them every night but now we are sitting with the issue of them not wanting to go to bed at the decent time, they need to go to bed at 8pm at night to get up at 6am, I can see how this is going to go down already.

– They didn’t want to play outside but rather wanted to watch YouTube all day, that wasn’t going to happen a lot of the time but again no energy so I would let them for a couple of hours. Don’t judge!

– They played mommy with Yameen which was really cute to see, when we went out, the girls got turns to sit in the middle seat next to the car seat but would always end up with one of them crying. Zia is a natural big sister so she thinks she has authority over him. Tazkia is affectionate, always hugging and saying his cute.

– They ate everything in sight. Like everything and no food was spared. They were always hungry for luxuries never really for food, but to bring in some order we had to either threaten or bribe them with treats after they had their meal.

– We created a behaviour chart – because every other disciplinary action against them didn’t work. How it works is if they are good they get a tick against their name on a specific day and if they were behaving badly then a cross was placed next to their name. Three crosses a week and they get no treat on a Friday and if they get fifteen crosses or more a month then no toy at the end of the month (they haven’t gotten a toy yet since I’ve started this chart). A continuation of naughtiness will result in no birthday party in April. Now its working but I don’t think they understand the full nature of what they could be missing out on. They aren’t too shattered if they don’t get a treat at the end of the week or a toy at the end of the month. But can you imagine the devastation when they realize no party is happening come birthday time. (Okay, I’ll buy a cake and maybe a gift, but no planning a party and no actual party for them) I have to follow through because they need to learn consequences.

– They think they are entitled – every child that gets what they want every single time they want it will think they are entitled to it and they have an attitude about it too. Zahir and I didn’t get much when we were younger; granted we got the necessaries but we had to work for things that we wanted as we grew older so naturally when we had our kids we decided to provide for them all the things that we weren’t able to receive as a child. Now maybe that’s not the best thing for them because what are we actually teaching them? That mommy and daddy will buy even when we don’t deserve it. That it’s okay not to work hard for what you want because mommy and daddy is doing it for us.

– They are little helpers – I can ask them anything and they will do it but will moan and say ‘why must I do it every time?’ But will get up and do the task instructed to them.

-Zahir had a 10 day break and we managed to spend some quality time together as a family and that was nice. We needed it, no I needed it because Felicia left for her break and the thought of me being alone with three kids and one of them being a 3 month old was enough to make me want to cry.

– We stayed in with the kids on New Year’s, initially I wanted to go out because – CABIN FEVER any mom on maternity leave will tell you but Zahir wasn’t that convinced because being out and about with kids on New Year’s is really not a good idea. Anything can happen. It was a good thing we didn’t go out because it started raining hard.

[Guys my outfit on this day wasn’t the best, i literally just had my gym pants on and a t shirt as i wasn’t going to be in the photos i didn’t think anything about what i was wearing, however these photos came out so great that i just had to share.] 

You know this holiday was amazing and we got to go to the beach and pools, went to play games at N1 City and ate a lot of cake and dessert but I’m not going to lie I’m so happy that school starts tomorrow and we can have some normalcy and routine and to start this year already.

And I’m sorry I went on a bit of a rant but a girl has to let it out to anyone that wants to read about it. I hope  all the kids that started today and the girls that starts tomorrow have an awesome and productive year ahead.

That’s all for today

  1. It’s like your living my life, I feel you on the girls being naughty and backchatting don’t forget fighting to sit in the middle. Thanks for the inspiration, will definitely try the chart out and I like the NO party idea!

    • Im so tired so shouting and i need alternatives to hidings, so im hoping the chart helps. Thanks for reading. xxx

  2. OMW shukran for this my 3 year old is exactly the same and I always thought I was doing something wrong a perain just dont have that energy everyday or all day to skell and go on. I should try the chart thing but his only 3 so I dont know if he will understand.
    Shukran so much.

    • believe me he will understand if you understand you scolding at him, also explain to him by sitting him down and talking to him and drawing it out on paper. so he knows no this or that if he does this and that. for example, if you dont pack your toys away you wont get your favourite biscuit at snack time etc. You end up negotiating with your kids. haha but it helps. Thanks for reading. x

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