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Yameen’s Food Allergy story and Allergy Alert Pin

I spoke about this briefly at the beginning of the year, but so much more has happened since then that I kind of feel like I have to tell you the story. Now this story isn’t going to have a happy ending just yet, it’s not even going to have any kind of proper information or really good tips for you just yet.

This is me going about my life and trying to get to the bottom of it but also bringing you along with me.

Righto, let’s start at the beginning! It’s all started on the 21st December 2019. I had a particularly hard day at work but I was done with payroll and left a little earlier just to unwind and relax for the weekend.

Just before I left I got a phone call from my mom, but missed it. My mom had been looking after the kids while I was at work. I had almost immediately sent her message that I was on my way home.

The minute I got home the girls directed me to my bedroom and on my bed, unconscious, was my 2 year old son. He was breathing heavily with his body covered in red rashes. I knew it was bad and my suggestion was to take him to emergency. Zahir wanted to take him to the doctor first arguing that it’s not bad. Clearly I wasn’t going to negotiate and off we went to emergency. (Zahir did call the doctor who suggested we take him to emergency immediately) Boy was i mad, i mean i had just said to take him to the hospital. Anyway, off we went!

My mom was really worried and said that she was eating peanuts and somehow he must have gotten one. She realized he ate a peanut and she got most of the peanut out of his mouth however, he had already digested some of the fragments of the peanut. That was enough to cause serious harm. At that point we really didn’t know how much he had consumed.

Anyway, at the hospital the doctor gave him adrenaline, this opens the airways and helps with breathing. He was on a nebeulizer for the majority of the night and the nurse routinely administered an antihistamine. We received the news of his admission into the hospital. The nurses increased the nebulizer medication as well. By 8:00 pm we were in a hospital bed and Yameen was finally sleeping. The nurses routinely checked on him, administered medication, checked his blood pressure and breathing. It was a waiting game of monitoring. He slept for the majority of the night luckily because of the allergy medication.

By the Saturday morning he was looking much better. But we couldn’t leave because the doctor advised that an allergy relapse can happen 24 hours after the initial attack. The second attack can be a lot worse and possibly fatal. We couldn’t risk being home and he gets an attack. We knew if was for his own good but man, the wait was torture. With no wifi and not much else to watch. I spent a crap load on data and reading material just to get by.

He was getting better by the hour yay! But by the Saturday  evening we were still at the hospital with more news that we had to stay another night, just to be safe. The doctor wasn’t prepared to let us leave without an EpiPen and medication (which was ordered and would only be available the Sunday). Also, she just wanted to be sure that Yameen was fine. So, we stayed another night. We were moved to a single room because the family that was in the big ward with us, both of the kids had chicken pox. Yameen was fine, we had no interaction with the children. Can you imagine Yameen being treated for chicken pox on top of a life threatening allergy?

By the Sunday, Yameen was his old self again and we were ready to leave. We ended up leaving at about 1:00 pm on the Sunday with medication.

We discovered that he is 100% allergic to peanuts and mixed nuts. The hospital ran a series of allergy tests that showed quite high positives to egg and borderline or low to soy, wheat and dairy. The doctor suggested that if we were giving him the soy, wheat and dairy, to continue but in moderation. I find that he can eat food that has egg in it but cant consume the egg on its own.

I’ve had my fair share of doctors visits with my kids but I’ve never experienced this before. Yameen barely eats anything anyway and now I have to check labels and make sure that restaurants are using peanut or allergy free ingredients and utensils. I have to make sure that he doesn’t eat food that could potentially be life threatening for him. I have to be on high alert at all times. Its bloody exhausting.

I do want to mention though that I am making prevention and treatments of food allergies and eczema a life’s mission. I want to ensure that my kids are taken care of and the treatments and products that I’m using is accessible to others. So, with that being said I have created an allergy alert pin for toddlers and children. The pin can literally save your child’s life. Its colourful and very effective because it will alert anyone of your child’s life threatening allergy. It is safe to use on your toddler and can be pinned on anything that is fabric like a pencil case, or school bag, t-shirts and jackets.

The pin is R70.00 each and you may request a particular pin that you might find useful and I will consider creating on that suits your needs. In fact, I’m working on another batch of badges that are penicillin, diabetes type 1 and 2, autism and lupus and they were enquiries from clients. I’m so excited for you to see them. You can email me on to order your badges.

Please do comment below with some egg free, wheat and gluten free, peanut free breakfast and lunch ideas.

Until next time x

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