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Yameen’s 3rd birthday with PlayStation by Rush


It’s day 100 million of lockdown and initially we didn’t have any plans for Yameen’s birthday, the idea was to just have some cake and tea and ask our closest family to come and join and make his birthday special.

A few weeks before Yameen’s birthday I received an email from Kathy inviting me and my family a complimentary visit ay PlayStation by Rush and I thought what a perfect opportunity to have Yameen spend a few hours at PlayStation by Rush for his birthday.

It was a chance to get out for a bit and just have some fun, because gosh at this point the only other place we’ve been to during the lockdown has been to Zahir’s dads house, my sisters house and the twins went to school and of course the occasional grocery shopping spree. Other than that we have just been at home. The kids were itching to go out and do something fun.

So, on the day of Yameen’s birthday we surprised them. Let me tell you, Yameen and everyone else had a fantastic time.

Picture received by PlayStation by Rush

Picture received by PlayStation by Rush

The venue is an indoor play park situated in Tokai, where the children can play in a safe environment and the parents can relax while eating and enjoying the time and trained staff watch your children for you and help keep them safe and entertained.

The venue is enclosed and the activities are close to each other so you know where your children are at all times, but big enough for them to enjoy the various activities. But parents still need to keep an eye out for their children. Obviously!! This just means that parents can take a breather, have something to eat in the restaurant with a bird’s eye view of their children.

There are so many activities to choose from:

  • The super slide – there are four 4 – 6 metre slides that are loads of fun as your child will climb up, slide down, and do it all over again for hours. The kids enjoyed this activity most, they literally went down the slides like 50 times.
  • Rock climbing – a 4m metre wall offers the perfect chance for kids to reach for the stars. They will improve their strength and co-ordination by challenging themselves and competing with others to reach the high line course above! This is a firm favourite with the twins, they got to climb the rocks. Thereafter they went over to the High Line coarse.
  • Bike pump track – the 40m pump track teaches the fundamentals of bike control and balance on this fun and challenging course. Let them bring their own bike or borrow one of ours.
  • An enclosed play area for toddlers called Little Kids City – What does your child want to be when they grow up? Whatever it is they can let their imagination run wild as they become a fireman, a policeman, a green grocer and more. Let them live out their dreams in our little city. This area is best suitable to toddlers between 1-3 years old. A trained helper looks after the kids and plays with them and keeps them entertained. So sweet and helpful.
  • Adventure Maze – Allow your children the freedom to adventure in a world of challenging levels, swing bridges and hidden areas in South Africa’s largest custom-built maze. This is suitable for all ages, kids really loved this.
  • High line coarse – soaring 4 meters above the park our high-line course gives your kids the chance to test their bravery, balance, and co-ordination skills. These activities is super fun and suitable for the older kids, who literally had a harness and net keeping them up and secure. The twins got to be adventurous and brave because they hadn’t done something like that before.

The venue has two private rooms that can be hired for birthday parties. The rooms can hold up to 20 children at any given time. You can choose to bring your own catering or utilize the restaurant.

The restaurant is halaal-friendly. It offers an ala-carte menu plus daily specials and has a option for dinners as well. So that’s nice especially if you want to take the whole family out to dinner including the kids. I know that a lot of restaurants do not have a play area to keep kids entertained, that is why the PlayStation by Rush is so fantastic. It literally caters for everyone.

This option is really great for parties. Yameen and his sisters and two friends each received a cupcake, a pizza and a party pack. Zahir, myself and our friends ordered burgers and fries. Just wow!! Chef’s kiss. It was that delicious. We had host who made sure that our needs were met, always helpful and even sang the birthday song for the cutest birthday boy.

The kids got to enjoy slushy’s, its always a great hit. We chilled in one of the private rooms where we ate our lunch and had our snacks, and it was nice to have a private space to just relax, eat and get away from the hustle and noise.

Due to the Covid lockdown, the venue has taken great precautions to ensure that they follow health protocols. This includes taking your temperature, spraying your hands at the door and daily cleaning of the venue to ensure that every step taken is for the benefit of customers health. Its best to book in advance as only limited bookings can be taken at a time.

PlayStation by Rush is open from 10am to 6pm, Monday to Wednesday, 9am to 9pm Thursday to Saturday and from 9am to 6pm on Sundays. For more information check out the website.

The two hours we stayed at the venue was amazing and the kids had so much fun.

Check out my Youtube channel where I recorded a vlog and you can see us in action.

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