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Yameen’s 2nd birthday party – Baby Shark theme

We celebrated my little boy Yameen’s 2nd birthday on the 28 September 2019. Time has flown so quickly and she is already two years old because it feels like just the other day i gave birth to him. Anyway, his birthday was actually two days prior on our anniversary. Its in the week and I thought the weekend was perfect to celebrate. The birthday theme was Baby Shark. Yameen loves watching baby shark Youtube videos and he already knows all the words and dance moves which is a big reason why i chose to have a baby shark theme in the first place. After we put all the decor and party supplies together, we showed him the party decor and his face lit up seeing his baby shark party come to life.

A big thank you to everyone who made this party happen: 

  1. The cake was created by Baked by Taz and it was a sure hit. The filling was cream cheese and the topping was buttercream. Everyone loved the soft, melt in your mouth sponge cake. Her prices are reasonable or she can build your cake to suit your budget. Do yourself a favour and check out her page.
  2. The decor was created by A Gypsy Heart and I was looking for decor from party supplies stores online and on Instagram. I feel like the prices were too expensive or i didn’t like the style or feel of the party decor. I found A Gypsy Heart on Instagram and decided to inquire. I’ve instantly felt a warm and helpful vibe from Shakeelah  and as a result we were able to come up with some great designs. I am so happy with the results. Decor created by the company includes the center piece, the poster, banner, cupcake toppers and the cake topper.
  3. My beautiful Mom made all the savouries like curry bunnies and pizzas as well as cupcakes and donuts. Everyone loved the food. Thanks for always being there for me Mom. Always helping me. I love you! Thank you!
  4. I would like to give special thanks so Munieba for making delicious melting in your mouth cupcakes. It was definitely a hit.
  5. The pictures were taken by Quanita from Quanita.E Photography, who normally takes all my pictures. I think that she is so talented, check out her page its so good and she is so nice.
  6. The jumping castle was hired by Paula’s Party Stuff. Its been years now that I’m hiring their jumping castles and other party hires. They deliver and collect from your house which is convenient for sure. Their services are always great. I highly recommend hiring from them.

The highlight for me was Yameen seeing a massive balloon we bought him of the number 2. We thought as a last-minute photo session to have him keep the balloon while snapping away so we got some great fun pictures out of it. Zahir and i tried to prevent the balloon from blowing away. We failed though as I looked away for a few seconds and when I looked back to where Yameen was playing with the balloon. I watched the balloon blow away and we could do nothing about it. It was funny and devastating at the same time but at least we didn’t spend a lot of money on the balloon. Purchased at the Crazy Store.

The kids ate a lot of sweets and jumped around on the jumping castle and they had a blast. Finally, i would like to thanks to everyone who helped making my Yameen’s birthday party so special and fun.

Overall a fantastic party!

If you thinking of a baby shark party theme for your child, I hope that this post serves as some inspiration for you.

Until next time X

  1. Super cuuute!

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