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Yameen’s 1st Birthday Party & 6 tips for planning a kids party on a budget

Yes, the title is correct and this year has flown by so fast. Yameen’s first birthday was on the 26 September, the same day as our 9th year wedding anniversary. We sang for him and hugged him tight but the party was set up for the Saturday after. It was such a fun day all around. We invited a handful of family and friends to celebrate this short amazing life of my youngest child.

He is such a happy and calm child and since he turned one, his independence and character has really started shining through. Literally a few days after the party he took his first steps, two weeks later he is full on walking (and crawling when he doesn’t feel like walking) He motions to an item he wants, or takes my hand and motions for me to go with him to wherever he wants to go.

He communicates with OH’s and AH’s and he is a total mommy’s boy. As it should be.

6 tips for planning a birthday party on a budget

Yameen’s birthday is a later date in the month and literally a day after payday. I had to buy all my supplies ahead of time so that I didn’t have to get everything done last minute.

Tip 1) Go digital – with a little bit of research you can create invites, cards and birthday banners digitally and have them printed at a printing store or if you have a colour printer, this will come in handy.

Tip 2) China Town – you can find relatively inexpensive party décor and supplies at China Town. I found a table cloth, pirate toys and décor for less than R100.00.

Tip 3) Skip the party pack – okay, before you start shouting at me, hear me out. After all the fun and laughter, there are still loads of party treats on the table just waiting to be eaten. So instead of spending extra money on party packs, just use the treats left over on the table to create party packs for the kids. They will be happy with some sweets and a cupcake to take home. It’s a win-win for all, there will be less cleaning for you to do and the kids get to take home some treats.

Tip 4) Plan ahead and have a checklist – When you have a checklist you are more inclined to stick to the list instead of randomly buying décor and food supplies that are over and above your budget.

Tip 5) Use what you have – I used to be that mom that buys new party décor and supplies every year, but not anymore, once the party is over, I store the décor and food supplies in my “party supply cupboard” that way all my party supplies are in one place and can be used every year. I only buy supplies that I need to add to a specific theme.

Tip 6) Make your own treats – if you can or if your mom can make treats for you, then this is probably the best route to take, buying cake and treats can be costly.

Some pictures of the party


About the party:

Theme: Jake and the Neverland pirates

Venue: our home

Cake: FatiMwahCakes

Jumping castle and ball pond: Paula’s Party Stuff

Photography: Quanita.E Photopgraph

A very special Thank You to my mom for making all the treats for the adults and children. I don’t  know what I would do without my mom.

Thanks to the following:

Akiefah my sister for the treats

Amaan for the treats

Aunty Lamees for the cupcakes

A party downloadable checklist will be available soon on my Splendid Ink website so please look out for that. Or you can click on shop at the top of the homepage.

Until next time.

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