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My wound care routine with Elastoplast


With having twins and a baby who’s almost a year old, I am often in the position where my kids hurt themselves. Whether it’s a cut, scrap or fall, at some point I have to attend to not only tears but also the wound. The other day the girls had a play date with a class mate who came over to our home. The girls are wild and kind of tomboyish and they enjoy being outside, climbing on trees, running around, riding their bicycles and doing crazy things. They had the best time until Zia fell and scraped her leg while riding her bicycle. I didn’t panic like I normally would because I had great products that could help ease my mind and stop the tears.

I’ve partnered up with Elastoplast who has come up with a user friendly three step wound care system that makes life easier and to bring awareness to wound care in everyday life. I felt like I needed to educate myself on how to treat wounds. #woundscare #kidsplay #kids #ElastoplastZA #samomblogger

Normally my first reaction is to place the injured area under running water. An old wife’s tale if you will. That’s all good and well but what does that actually do? Nothing I suppose. It’s more likely to show your child that you are doing something about the problem. However it doesn’t clean or protect the wound. With Elastoplast’s three step wound care system you are actually cleaning and protecting the infected area with products specifically designed to fight infections and help the healing process. These products are used mainly for minor wounds, cuts and abrasions and not for heavily bleeding cuts that would require medical attention.

Here are the steps:

Step 1.) I’ve cleaned  the infected area with the Elastoplast wound spray. Simply spray the product directly onto the wound and dab the liquid with a cotton swab evenly over the wound. It serves as antiseptic cleaning for minor wounds, cuts, abrasions, burns and blisters. The spray is breathable and helps to clean any dirt and bacteria that is on the wound. Skin friendly and effectively supports the healing process.

Step 2.) Zia’s wound is protected  from any dirt and bacteria by covering it with an Elastoplast plaster. You can also use a sterile wound dressing or compress as well depending on the severity of the wound. We got these really cute frozen character plasters that are perfect for kids. The benefit of the Elastoplast plasters are that they are waterproof and the non-stick pads brings a little comfort to an already unpleasant situation. Zia had fun picking out her favourite characters from the selection of plasters that we received and went with the plaster with the faces of Elsa and Anna which are the main characters from the movie, Frozen. She also applied the plaster herself.

Step 3.) I gently applied a generous amount of the Elastoplast wound healing ointment  over and around the wounded area. This product is awesome because your wound heals fast and with a lower risk of scarring. All you have to do is apply the ointment on the wound until it heals completely. The ointment is smooth and serves as a protective layer preventing any bad bacteria from entering. It’s dermatologically tested and suitable for babies, children and sensitive skin. I love that especially since Zia and Yameen has eczema and their skin is easily exposed to scrapes and cuts.

*All these products are sold individually.

Zia said that’s the spray and ointment didn’t leave a stinging sensation and it wasn’t sore at all. She is happy that her wound is sorted with these three easy wound care steps. Finally she thought the characters were cute on the plasters. That’s definitely a win in my books.

I really don’t like feeling helpless when my children hurt themselves but it happens. I like that Elastoplast has given me the tools to prepare myself for situations where I have to treat a wound. These products are family – friendly, easy to use and easily accessible. It’s a great addition to any first aid kit. Not only does these products clean, protect and heal but it brings confidence to a baby girl who otherwise hides behind clothing that covers her wounds and scars.

Let me know in the comments below what your wound care methods are.

Until next time.


  1. I didn’t even know they had a wound spray! That’s awesome. Must get!

  2. The wound healing cream doesn’t have any antiseptic properties, it just keeps the wound moist and promotes natural healing. You probably want to put on an antiseptic cream for the first application (or two), and then switch the would healing ointment once you’re sure there’s no infection.

  3. You can’t put the plaster on as step 2 then say step 3 is the ointment?????

    • Hi thanks for the contact, yes its correct, it was designed to be applied a few days after, it promotes faster healing.

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