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What’s in my hospital bag?

Hi everyone,

I have decided to do a “what’s in baby and my hospital bag” post. I did a lot of research by reading lots of blog posts and articles from baby websites that could help me not over pack. This isn’t my first rodeo but to be honest I can’t even remember what the heck I packed the last time and what I used and didn’t. The hospital provides a list of things that you should bring with you as the hospital does not supply some items, although i feel like the last time they provided quite a bit like clothing, formula and blankets, and they would wash baby with products that they already had. I am mostly going with the list that the hospital provided but obviously I will want to pack extras that I think might be necessary. The last time I also packed for two kids, this time around won’t be the same for sure. Below is a list of items I think I necessary to bring with to the hospital. This looks excessive but it really isn’t.

For baby:

Toiletries and other products: cotton buds and surgical spirits, baby wipes, samples of baby body wash, bum cream and baby body oil.

2 x wash cloths (one to be used as a burp cloth)

1 pack of nappies

2 x Baby grows – 0-3 months and this is for going home

3 x pairs of socks, 3 x caps and 2 x vests

A thick baby blanket and a receiving blanket

For me:

Toiletries and other products: face wipes or face wash, face moisturizer, lip balm, deodorant, soap (I got my favourite soap from lush), dry shampoo, body moisturizer also from lush, maternity pads and panties (those disposable mesh ones) I had by chance gone to the pharmacy at the hospital I’m having baby at and they happened to sell the panties at a fraction of the price you would purchase from at a store, it’s worth looking into, hair ties and a clip, brush, toothbrush and tooth paste, nipple cream, linen savers/ protectors (the hospital asks for this), hand sanitizer, super minimal make up: mascara, blush, lip protector from Clarins, it has just enough colour without it looking like you tried to put make up on.

Wash cloth and towel

3 x short sleeved nighties and a gown

A pair of flip flops

1 x nursing bras

A pair of socks

A scarf to cover myself and baby when I breastfeed

A tummy binder (this helps with support of your tummy and back and holds everything in)

Going home outfit and preferably a loose fitted dress (or I plan to wear the same outfit I went in with, chances are you won’t be in it for long)

– You can always ask your husband to bring more items of clothing etc. for you and baby if need be

Important items/documents to bring with:

ID document and folder to hold all important documents, a black pen (the hospital I will be staying at mentioned that we can have baby Siers birth certificate done at the hospital, as well as the circumcision – ouch!)

Medical aid information/ card and documents that is required for admission

UIF maternity documents (the hospital I will be staying at mentioned that the Department of Labour comes out to the hospital once or twice a week to provides this services), I plan to get an agency to submit my UIF claims on my behalf. Because I’m having a C-section done its highly unlikely I’m going to want to deal with the Department of Labour.

Phone, camera, laptop, chargers, double adapter, ear phones, reading material (maybe)

An empty ice-cream plastic bucket and one or two plastic bags (to hold the placenta for later burial and dirty clothing your husband can take home)

Snacks and liquids

The girls got to pick out a gift for baby brother and had wrapped it themselves and will be giving it to him when they visit him at the hospital. They loved the whole process.

Let me know if I left anything out.

Cheers, A

  1. Hubby should get an affidavit from police station for the after birth stating that as per religious requirements he needs to bury it.

    All the best with the birth. May Allah swt protect both baby and yourself.

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