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Twins 7th birthday party

The girls had their 7th birthday party at the beginning of April. It was a pamper themed party. We invited 8 of their closest friends and cousins. All about the same age. I asked whether mom’s could drop off their kids at our home and then collect them again after the party. The mom’s seemed to be happy to drop off their kids. I thought that without parents there watching, the children would like more relaxed. The party also felt more chilled out and personal because the space wasn’t as cramped. I know that a lot of moms don’t like this because they prefer being with their children, however I appreciate that all the moms were accommodating and dropped off their kids.

I came across a pamper hosting website called My Pretty Pamper party. Where you can choose a package that suit your budget. We went with the glam package. This includes a manicure and polish, a facial, make up application and they supplied all the party decorations including balloons and chairs and chair covers as an extra cost. I just had to supply the food. The company sets up the whole event and packs up everything after the party is complete. Each child receives a party pack and some juice in a flute glass. Real fancy. I love that I didn’t have to set up anything myself. Zahir looked after Yameen while the party was underway and wasn’t available to help but I didn’t need any because the ladies had everything covered.

The company hosts the party and supplies party packs at the end of the party.

The party started off with facials and the two pretty party hosts set up a spot in the back yard for the girls to lay down and relax while the facial took effect. Followed by manicures and a nail polish application. They enjoyed choosing a nail polish colour.

Next up the girls had their make – up done and they loved picking out their eye shadows, lip stick colour and temporary tattoos and crystals.

Seeing the girls drink juice out of these cute fancy flute glasses was hilarious. It was really cute to see them oooh and aaah every step of the way.

The music was pumping so there were some dancing and singing too. This party was definitely a hit with all the girls because the moms messaged me after gushing about how their daughters couldn’t stop talking about the party.

My friend Quanita who is a very talented photographer came over to take these awesome photographs. I wanted light hearted natural and group photographs. Give her some love on her Instagram page

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