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Thomas & Friends: Cassia Crane & Cargo Set


One of my favourite things to see when surprising Yameen is when he sees a toy for the first time he shrieks with excitement and this time was no exception. When he saw Thomas the Tank Engine and Cassia the Crane cargo set, he literally gave the biggest shriek ever. (and you get to experience this first hand in the video at the end of this post lol) Ah the joy!!

He was introduced earlier this year to Thomas and friends large and small engines and now with this track set he gets to explore the characters more and I am here for it. The Thomas series is all about learning manners and skill sets for toddlers. Yameen has a few toys but not a lot of active learning through play type toys. So when we received this Thomas and friends crane set I just knew that Yameen was going to enjoy playing with it but also that he would learn some valuable skill sets like he will have a choice on how he wants to use the toy. I am also really interested to see how he creates his own story with the engines and track, and incorporating Cassia the crane into the story will be so much fun. He hasn’t stopped playing with this set since he received it.

Imaginative play allows spontaneity rather than me telling Yameen how the “story” should go. Your child feels safe to try new things. Of course its also loads of fun.

At first, I didn’t realize that the engine was battery operated. It took some researching to figure out how to get the batteries in the train. The Thomas train requires 2 x AAA batteries. You will have to unscrew a nail at the bottom of the engine to insert the batteries. Thomas is quite durable and sturdy because once the batteries were in, it literally keeps running until you switch it off.

How it works:

You’ve got Cassia the Crane on the one side of the track and the dock with a slide on the other side. Thomas pulls the cart that carries a barrel of avocados as it motors to the dock. As Thomas passes the dock, the barrel is lifted and rolls down the slide. Cassia the Crane helps Thomas by picking up the barrel. She can rotate a full 360 degrees and has a claw that grabs, lifts and drops the barrel into the cart again. There is a switch on the side of the crane that allows Thomas to stop and go back around the track.

The package and set include Cassia the crane, Thomas the motorized engine with a cargo cart, dock pieces,  a barrel, and 7 track pieces (Compatible with all TrackMaster™ tracks; additional tracks sold separately.) the crane and dock must be attached to the track.

Does Yameen love Thomas the Tank Engine and Cassia the Crane?

Yes, absolutely.

This is an amazing product. Perfect for preschool children ages between 3 – 7 years old. The set will keep them occupied for hours and hours. I love that this set encourages imaginative play and creative storytelling. The movement features are easy for Yameen to use and sturdy enough because he can be a little rough with his toys. Of course the powered engine is a massive hit. This track is a great addition to tracks and characters that he already own. He asked his dad to help him create a “big choo choo” by linking all the trains and carts together with the powered engine at the front of course creating a long, big train. The powered engine is quite durable that it pulls all the trains with ease. He finds this to be so interesting. He cant get enough and loves to watch it move by itself on the track bringing our favourite characters to life.

This is definitely a set for future play with other children at play dates or with his sisters.

If your child loves trains, they will absolutely love this set! Its a great birthday and Christmas gift. *available at selected stores in SA

Now, for the video as promised.

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