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Thomas & Friends Adventure



A couple of weeks ago Yameen was gifted these really cute Thomas & Friends Large and small engines and he has not put them down since, he even sleeps with them right next to him. To be honest, this is the first time Yameen has been exposed to any kind of Thomas & friends’ toy but he has taken to it so quickly, it is a toy after all.

The trains boasts bright, pretty colours and metal cart with plastic wheels. The trains are really great quality toys that wont easily break or damage. Yameen is known to break toys but not even he will be able to break these.

He is so excited to have them and now I can introduce him to all the cool, thoughtful videos on Youtube that teaches children about emotions, different vehicles, bedtime routines, gosh the list is endless. The videos are so great, informative and really is suited for early learning.

But most of all, I love the fact that Yameen gets to learn through play, let me explain how learning and playing with the Thomas & friends trains can be beneficial to kids:

Develops gross motor and sensory skills

Toddlers are very active when they are able to move around whether its crawling, walking and sitting and running around. By playing with the engines every day, Yameen gets to work on his body strength and confidence to do things on his own. He develops hand and eye coordination by playing with the trains and putting them on the train tracks or into different elements. He develops strengths in his body by running around with his trains and “riding” them all over the yard and house.

It helps kids with griping, pushing and rolling the train and assembling the carts together.

Imagination and creativity

Studies show that many toddlers begin imaginative play from a very young age. Children start pretend play by mimicking what adults do, like talking on the phone, or making a fort and pretending that they live in their “house”. By playing with the trains Yameen gets to connect trains together, create a track with items around the house, build cities and roads with rocks and different elements in the yard. He gets to let his creativity go wild and build different things.

By watching the stories of Thomas & friends shows he can perform and create his own stories by using his imagination. There is no limit to imagination.

Independence and sharing

Yameen often gets frustrated when he can’t get something right. He is at the age where he is curious about everything. He wants to do everything by himself, without assistance but don’t actually know what to do. With the trains I can support and encourage him to do certain on his own. He was gifted two trains and one of the simplest ways to learn independence is by choosing between things. Helping him make decision by giving him options to choose from.

Tazkia wanted to play with him for a little bit. At first he didn’t want her to or want to share the trains with her. One way of teaching him to share is that he gets to choose which train he plays with and which one his sister can play with. Thomas doesn’t have a cart and the other train called Rebecca does have a cart, by moving the carts between the two trains. He warmed up to the idea very quickly and allowed his sister to share his toys. Yameen learned that sharing the trains is good in order to keep friends and shows kindness, compromise and fairness.

But i’m sure he still has a long way to go lol.

Playing with trains also helps children develop so many different skills. Some skills like colour identification, counting, getting crafty by building and making things, singing and making sounds and noises. Identifying the sound or noise (Yameen loves to say choo choo chookoo chookoo choo choo lol, it’s the sweetest thing). More skills that children can learn are problem solving, developing their vocabulary by talking frequently and storytelling with their trains, and so much more!

Its important to teach children life skills at a young age. To show and encourage them to learn and be independant through play with toys and helps develop their little minds and body.

Seeing him so happy with the trains really just makes my day!!!

Lastly, with the big and small engines, one thing that particularly stands out for me is that no matter your size; you’re able to do a lot also. You must not underestimate yourself. You can also go on adventures, all you need is a bit of imagination and creativity.

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