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Review: the Speech Bubble Co.


About a month ago, Zahir and I were called into Zia’s teachers office. It felt like dejavu all over again. Because the year before, also around this time, were called in by Zia’s previous teacher. The comments were the same. Zia is smart but lacks confidence. She is playful and lacks focus. She likes to roam around and goes to the toilet often.

Basically she does everything she can to be out of the class. We were given tasks to help her with homework and were recommended that she goes to a “special” English class to help with her spelling, breaking up of syllables and general vocabulary learning. I was initially reluctant to let her go to this extra class, but after discussing this in detail with the teacher we realised that if it helps her in the long run then its definitely the best solution for her.

Another thing I didn’t want was to seclude her and single her out by sending her to the class while the other kids continue in their normal class. The teacher reassured me that by no means would that happen, and that she isn’t the only child that will be sent to this “special” class.

I was approached by Lutfiya, who is a speech therapist and owns the Speech Bubble co. She designed educational speech and language resources so that parents can help their children with their speech, language and overall learning of words and numbers. These resources can also be used as homework activities or for therapeutic education methods of communication. With the girls being in grade 1 this year, these educational pieces come in handy because they have become familiar with letters and colours and can associate words with pictures. In their own words they loved the fun pictures and putting together words in their sand box, which happens to be their favourite.

We have used these activities only a few times, but its helped her because she finds them exciting and not boring. She always complains that school is boring. That the work is boring. Because of this she gives up before even starting. These activities focuses on her creative side.

These are just a few of the awesome packs that you can purchase from at Speech Bubble Co.

 Segmentation of syllables (fruit & vegetable themed)

An important stepping stone to good literacy skills is being able to segment a word (i.e. break it up into syllables banana – ba/na/na). Blending or doing the opposite is also an important skill to master.

What is blending or segmenting?

Blending means when one pulls together individual sounds or syllables within a word and segmenting is when you break words down into individual sounds and syllables. The importance of combining blending and segmenting is that it helps with teaching your child how to read.

This pack contains 20 A5 laminated photo cards (not line drawings) of various fruits and vegetables found in South Africa. Beneath each image is the name of the fruit and the name segmented.


This pack consists of 26 upper case wooden alphabets, 26 lower case laminated alphabets, 10 wooden numbers and 1 sandbox. This activity assists the child to master writing numbers, alphabets and words by copying onto the sand in a fun way. One can correct any mistakes by smoothing out the sand.

As mentioned above, the girls really enjoyed this activity mainly because they could mess around with the sand. The sand is stored in a box and can be neatly tucked away to avoid any spillage when the girls are done. Perfect for all ages.

Read it – spell it – write it 

This activity is excellent for those in grades R, 1 and 2.

This activity works in the following manner:

1) Kids can write on small cards provided and stuck under the heading “read it”.

2) Kids can spell the words using the magnetic plastic alphabets under the heading “spell it”.

3)  Kids can write the word using a whiteboard marker under the heading “write it”.

The Benefits of spelling:

Spelling is important because it aids reading. By exposing your children to different words at all times can improve their overall vocabulary and their confidence in other basic skills like writing, how they communicate with people.

In this manner the child is learning new words in many ways, reading, writing, spelling and saying the word.

Yameen wanted in on some action too.

All these packs will help your child in some ways listed below:

Fine motor skills

Hand and eye coordination

Language learning

Recognition and matching

Spelling and reading

To get in touch with Lutfiya you can contact her:




Photo cred: Quanita E. Photography

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