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Story Time – Our Wedding day

I remember being nervous that whole week before the wedding; I couldn’t believe I was getting married to the most perfect guy for me. It had taken us a year and half to get to that point. We decided to take that long because we wanted to go into a marriage with little to no debt and so we saved and bought all our home goodies in cash and our wedding was paid for in cash too. Relief in knowing that we didn’t have much debt other than the essentials was awesome.

Fast-forward to the day of the wedding. I woke up early that morning hopeful and happy, excited and nervous and just so eager to see him. I got dressed in my morning outfit, that was all silver and I had borrowed an Indian inspired skirt from a friend, had the top and headpiece made. I absolutely loved how the completed result of the outfit looked. It was different to what morning wedding dresses normally looked like so I was happy that I didn’t stick to the norm.

I went to the mosque where the Nikkah (wedding ceremony) took place to hear the entire programme and wait for my husband to greet me. When it was over and he came down stairs to where I had been and the moment we locked eyes on each other, we had this huge smile on our faces. He looked so handsome in a white Indian inspired outfit. We exchanged rings and kisses and took some pictures. The duration of the Nikkah and greeting took a little over an hour and then we were on our way to get dressed in the afternoon attire.

I went to my mom’s house and Zahir to his, one final time to get dressed. I had a beautiful white dress that was inspired by Grace Kelly’s wedding dress. The headpiece that I had decided to go with was also an almost exact replica of Grace Kelly’s headpiece at her wedding. She looked so beautiful and elegant and vintage, and I wanted to have that look for my attire but with my modern take on it and I think my dressmaker and I managed to pull it off so well. Shanaaz Groenewald was my dressmaker and designer, and she is just so amazing at creating wedding dresses. You won’t go wrong.

When we were done Zahir came to my mom’s house to collect me and off we went to his Reception which was a Yacht Club in Zeekoevlei. His décor was white, silver and turquoise and about 120 people attended, all super close family and friends so it was very intimate and cosy. A friend of the family and neighbour had made the food and desserts, and they have their own catering businesses so it was very elegant and delicious. There speeches and lots of pictures taken, a short prayer and lots of eating. After about two and half hours we were on our way to take location pictures.

For some reason we picked a day that always rains, every single year on this day 26 September it rains, and our wedding day was no exception, we had all these plans to take pictures at all these gorgeous places but 1) a few days before our wedding, my photographer decided to go missing, we couldn’t find the loser anywhere, so we had to go with his partner, or someone that always works with him, and oh boy, the guy looked like he was permanently stoned and like he had the freaking munchies because whenever we looked for him he was eating, I’m surprised we got some good pictures out of it because we discovered afterwards that the majority of the pictures with blurred out and just terrible. 2) We had to go to the only place that we knew of that had some sort of cover, Rhodes Memorial and it was so full and miserable that we took our pictures quickly and just left.

After the pictures were taken at Rhodes Memorial we made our way to my Reception that was held at Barron’s estate in Skaapkraal, this hall was absolutely beautiful, with white draping off the walls, and ferry lights everywhere, my colour scheme was grape, silver and white and my mom and I couldn’t decide on just one so we had two centre pieces on different tables, and I was adamant that I wanted a vintage decor theme and the catering company managed to create exactly what I wanted. My mom is an awesome cook, and everyone that was at the wedding will tell you that the food was amazing, so I was extremely lucky that my mom was able to make the wedding food for me and oh boy she did not disappoint.

My mom’s friend gave us a wedding video which he shot himself and produced, and we are so fortunate to have that video seeing that our pictures weren’t all that great. The hadj’s arrived to take me to my new home, and this experience is very overwhelming and emotional, any bride would tell you.

My aunt and cousin made the beautiful wedding cake. It really just exceeded my vision in a cake.

I have to just say how proud I am that I have married a wonderful man, who always puts his family first except for work, but we joke all the time that he works to put food on the table, a roof over our heads ad money in the bank, and how I “fell with my gat in the butter” and he isn’t far from the truth, I did fall, quite hard actually and I am forever grateful.

The Nikkah

Zahir’s Reception

Rhodes Memorial

My Reception 


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  1. Totally LOVE the last pic…awesome story!

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