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Story time: the twins birth story

We had gone to my gynaecologist Dr Basson for a routine check-up. Its 9:00 in the morning on the 2 April 2012 and I was 36 weeks pregnant with the girls and due to give birth via C-section two days later. I went to pee in a small tub, for the doctor’s assistant to check that everything was still okay. At this point I had been visiting Dr Basson every two weeks, and this particular appointment was the last before the scheduled C-section. We waited a few minutes and then went in to see the doctor. The moment we sat down, she had this look on her face. She said that she found protein in my urine and that we had no time to wait because we had to fetch the babies ASAP. Naturally Zahir and I were confused and “not ready” I had no bags with me because I thought I was going back home after the check-up. Anyway, Zahir and I walked over to the hospital and booked myself in at the labour ward. Christian Barnard Memorial Hospital was always our choice of hospital because we received tons of recommendations. The nurse instructed me to out on a hospital gown and lay on a hospital bed. A nurse came to the room and strapped me up with wires to monitor my babies’ heartbeats and of course my own. Zahir went home to collect my bags and inform our families. A short while later, Dr Basson came to me and said that the babies were okay and my emergency C-section was scheduled for 12:00.

An Hour before the scheduled C-section:

I was a ball of nerves. I felt unprepared even though I had eight and a bit months to mentally and emotionally prepare for this day. Zahir had since returned and dressed in scrubs. He was pretty chuffed that he got to look like a surgeon for a minute. I was so nervous and petrified that I started to cry. I had no idea what was going to happen, and whether I had the strength to go through with it all. Unfortunately at this point (never mind that entire eight months I was pregnant) there was no turning back, these babies had to come out and I had to be strong. I prayed a lot, and just tried to relax and calm down.

Some of the pictures wont be the best quality because it was taken in haste and with a cell phone

15 minutes before surgery:

The nurse came into the room that I had been laying in for the past two hours and wheeled me into the theatre room. The anaesthetist was ready and waiting to insert the spinal block. At this point I was a mess, sobbing, two nurses on either side of me, comforting me and distracting me, and before I knew it my legs went numb and one of the nurses moved me into a laying position.

Time for surgery:

The same nurse lifted up a shield around my stomach area so that I couldn’t see what was happening. Now that I think about it, that screen is a life saver. Zahir saw everything and took videos and pictures.

Dr Basson and another doctor came into the theatre room, all dressed and ready to go. Not long after the surgery started where she made a tiny incision into my abdomen, not more than about 9cm long. I heard a pop, I think it was the sack that the girls were laying in. She tugged at my stomach and pressed on it,  there was a lot of tugging and pressing. Then she took Zia out first (we decided early on in the pregnancy that the Zia would be given to our first born). Lifting Zia up and smiling, the doctor showed her to me and Zahir, and Zia was holding onto the spinal cord and crying, so cute. The doctor handed her over to Dr. Krige the paediatrician. Next up was Tazkia, about a minute or two later. The entire process took about half an hour.

I remember the girls crying at first, I don’t think they liked the fuss and I would imagine I was probably cold. The doctor measured, weighed and checked the girls to make sure that they had ten toes and ten fingers, and they were generally okay. The nurse wrapped the girls up in towels, with their eyes closed and  all the gunk of me still on them. This time they were quiet and sleeping I guess. They looked so different. We knew that they would look different, but they were completely different. Zia had a head full of hair, weighed 2.7 kg’s and Tazkia was very little kind of like a naked chicken ha-ha and weighed 2.4 kg’s.

The girls and I bonded in a recovery for a few minutes. Zahir and I were in awe of what we created. Two beautiful baby girls.

You may have read what happened after the surgery in another post, if you haven’t you can do so here

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