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Story time: I had part of my toenail removed surgically

Yes, you read correctly. But let me start from the beginning. About three weeks ago I had been cutting my toenails as you do and some how I guess I cut the corner of the nail too short and skew. And what happened was that over the course of the three weeks it grew back and a sharp piece of my toenail grew into my skin. Gross!! Fast forward to last week. I was going about life when i started noticing that the corner of my toe was swollen and painful to the touch. I hadn’t paid too much attention because it wasn’t uncomfortable otherwise. Until the weekend, my toe was swollen, painful when walking and infected. I tried medicating it at home but nothing worked and with New Years and all doctors offices either closed or highly expensive (the medical aid hadn’t taken effect yet) going to the doctor on a public holiday was suicide financially. So I waited until this week.

I made an appointment for Wednesday to which the doctor prescribed antibiotics (doctors don’t operate on infected areas of the body) and said to come back Friday at 4pm. I took the antibiotics and painkillers for the two days and went back to the doctors to have part of my toenail surgically removed. I was nervous as hell but figured it can’t be worse than a c- section surgery.

I got to the doctor at 4pm, where she prepped me to go into ‘surgery’ which meant me laying on a bed and the doctor injecting me with local anesthetic (about four injections in total) and man was that sore. But Zahir was there holding my hand and supporting me through all of this drama.

Once my foot was numb she started removing part of the toenail. The best part was I didn’t feel a thing. Just some pressure which is normal but other than that nothing. The procedure lasted 15 minutes max. The doctor wrapped me up and off we went, but almost immediately the anesthetic wore off and my toe started throbbing and paining on our way home. As soon as we got home I got into bed, took pain medication and slept.

I think that if you suspect that you are getting an ingrown toenail and its shit sore, then don’t wait to do something about it and the procedure really isn’t as bad as it may seem. You need to think about the end goal here which is complete and utter pain relief. I would rather go through the entire procedure again than feel the discomfort and pain caused by an ingrown nail.

I’m sure you must be thinking, eww who wants to read a blog post about my foot situation, but believe me, this is such a normal occurrence that happens all the time, and I have gotten a few questions about this already.

Fast forward to the present. Okay so it’s been a few days since going to the doctor. I’m happy to report that the swelling stopped and the dead skin completely disappeared. I’m still rather careful with the foot like where and how i’m placing it, and before the girls can tramp on my foot i’d remind them to not do so but otherwise the relief of my toe not hurting anymore makes me feel like it’s all been worth it.

Picture taken just before “surgery”

Until next time x

  1. Hahaha! Love this post! Will def remember this! Thank you for sharing Momma

    • I aim to please 🙂 thanks for reading and supporting hun xxxx

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