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Story time: Our Love Story

Technically speaking Zahir and I should have met long before we actually did. However, It all happened one day in 2007 when I met him, I was working out at the gym with my bestie, minding my own business when I saw this gorgeous guy out of the corner of my eye, walking into the gym. He walked to the treadmill right in front of me, score I got to stalk him while I was cycling my life away. He looked at me and I smiled, and he smiled back, I thought oh yeah he might be into me or no maybe he is just being friendly because he caught me staring. I said nothing to my bestie because I didn’t want to seem like weird or anything. A while later, I had my back to my bestie and out of the blue I hear her talking to a guy, I turned around and boom, it’s him, she knew him all along, yes!!!! I’m going to meet him… ‘Abieda this is Zahir, and Zahir this is Abieda’ we shaked hands … damnit his handsome!

The next Monday I received an email from said bestie…. he wants your number …. yesss give it to him….

But I think that our love story didn’t start there really, I feel like our cards were aligned long before we were born.

You see my dad and his dad were neighbors growing up in district six. They went to the same school. Played rugby together. Hell our grandmothers were besties. They were neighbors for practically all of our dads childhood until my parents and Zahir’s parents had to move and the bulldozers came and demolished the entire area. They went their separate ways and were not in contact for a long time.

I’m in high school in matric I think and my sister was three grades lower and at another school. One day I asked her whether she knew of any cute guys that was at the school. She said nah not really, I know of this one boy though, really cute and handsome, his name is Zahir but he has a girlfriend sorry! Lol

I was around twenty years old and I met this girl at the taxi rank one day, very nice girl, we became friends quickly because we just clicked. We would talk about her relationship and the fact that I had no boyfriend. So one day she says to me that she knows this guy, great guy that she wants to hook me up with. This guy is a friend of her boyfriend and she thinks that he and I will be a great match. So I say yeah sure hook a girl up. Months go by of her and I going back and forth about this guy, but to no avail. Somehow I just lost contact with her and without meeting this great guy.

Forward a couple of years, and Zahir and I meet and start dating. He and I went to his friends house for a braai. It’s the first time that I’m meeting these friends of his so naturally I’m a little nervous. We get to the house and the friend show us to the kitchen to where his wife is prepping for this braai. The wife and I meet but almost immediately there is a tiny commotion. It’s the girl I met at the taxi rank. She married the guy she was dating when we met all those years ago and they had a kid. Later on the same night when we had some alone time she told me ‘do you remember the guy that I was going to hook you up with all those years ago? And I’m like yessss …. well the guy I wanted to hook you up with was Zahir! Wowaaa mind blown!

So the first visit to his parents home, naturally as parents are, they want to know who you bringing home so Zahir’s parents asked me about myself, my parents and where we come from. His dad recognized the surname and mentioned my dads name. Over 30 years later our parents had quite a reunion at our engagement. It’s was so amazing to see our families meet again after such a long time and tell stories of the good of days.

Coincidence… maybe but I don’t know I like to think we were destined to meet. And the rest they say is history…


Until next time

  1. Wow, that was such a beautiful story. Amazing how things work out hey, all in good time.

  2. Awesome story. You guys were definitely meant to be!

  3. Aww man! This story gets me every time. Love you guys

  4. Such a beautiful story.
    Love wins, always.

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