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Story time: Holiday in Thailand

And oh boy what an amazing experience it was. We always wanted to travel, and there is two things we knew we wanted when we got the opportunity to do so, 1) it had to a somewhere warm and tropical 2) there had to be clear and warm water oceans and so we decided that Thailand was the first travelling destination.

A few things about the trip:

  • It was the first time I had ever been on a plane, and I was so scared when we took off to Johannesburg, Zahir was having a great old conversation with the man next to him and clearly unaware that I was freaking out next to him, eventually when he looked at me and saw the tear rolling down my face he quickly turned his attention to me and held my hand. That was all I needed and once we were in the air I chilled out a bit. The rest of the journey was a breeze.
  • Travelling to Thailand is freaking long, 19 hours to and back (I think) that’s a long time to be in an aeroplane.
  • Bangkok smells like food, drainage and the air is so thick you really feel like you in a bad smelling oven, but the hotel is was gorgeous with air-conditioning and a gym and a pool. I actually worked out while in Bangkok. The highlight of our stay in Bangkok was the shopping centers and food. The food was amazing and super cheap. We initially spend the bulk of our money on food and travelling in the city but then figured out the cheap food spots and the train, and this was our mistake, we didn’t immediately find out about the cheap food places and train until were well into our freaking holiday. I couldn’t bring myself to eat the street vendor’s meals though. The trains are awesome, so clean and have air-conditioning as well, super safe to use and everyone is super friendly and chilled. You have to check out the markets and Buddhas, those two are a must to see in Thailand. I have to mention that I had my first Starbucks drink in Bangkok and now know what all the fuss is about, those drinks are pretty delicious.
  • Phuket is paradise; we went on a tour of all the islands and got to swim with baby sharks and snorkeled with those tiny creatures that light up at night. We drank coconut juice out of actual coconuts, and the food was heaven, but expensive, if you can save money by buying a few groceries and making food yourself, that’s probably the best. Our hotel was incredible, only a year old when we stayed in it, so modern and high tech heaven, with warm water pools and super friendly staff.
  • I have had some of the best massages in my life in Thailand, those little old women are super strong and they press the pressure point so hard that its borderline too painful but you eventually get used to it so then that’s when its oh so worth it.
  • Oh and I have never spoken Afrikaans as much as when I was in Thailand, I don’t know we just felt safer speaking in Afrikaans, somehow free in knowing that no one knew what we were saying.
  • Krabi is a little island with beautiful oceans all around it and we stayed at a super nice resort literally a minute from the beach, we had breakfast on the beach which was amazing. We got this cool deal where all you have to do is to go to a 90min seminar where you are informed of purchasing holiday shares all around the world, and they tell you that you don’t need to sign up and join, all you have to do is listen to them speak about their product and you can get a free gift, there were different gifts to choose from, and we chose another boat tour, and this was amazing, we travelled in this super-fast luxury yacht that took us around the islands. This is definitely something to look into when you there because, 1) its only like 90 mins of your time and 2) you get an awesome FREE gift upon completion. There is this dessert that you can get at a street vendor, it’s a pancake but with different toppings and it’s not a typical pancake but it was so delicious and popular it’s a must have meal when you in Krabi.
  • The night life is super cool, you can walk around the city and its safe, it’s like no one sleeps ever, it’s always busy wherever you go all hours of the day and night.

We took some pictures but to be honest it really wasn’t that much of a priority for me, although now that I did these collages it actually looks like quite a lot of pictures were taken. I wasn’t thinking oh I need to document this so that I can put it on my blog. I guess I was just living in the moment but now that I think about it, I should’ve made more of an effort anyway… Some pictures below of our amazing trip to Thailand. If you want me to do a blog post on tips on travelling to Thailand then please let me know by commenting below.

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  1. Hey, who did you book your accommodation with and what are the names of the hotels you stayed at? We are also planning on going soon but am doing research via these type of blogs coz I think the opinion is way more honest.

    • Hi, we got all our accommodation off that will probably be your best bet. I cant remember the hotels names to be honest and my husband did the bookings so he knows more about logistics than me.

  2. Better late than never they say. I loved this post and you so honest about everything “se dit soos dit is” 🙂 looked like you two really had an awesome time.
    I have never been to Thailand and always wanted to go so yes a few tips will be great.

    • True hey, im enjoying these story times and reminiscing on last milestones. and travelling abroad is definitely one of them, il get on the tips post asap.

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