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Squat challenge feedback: Day 8

abs-ass-bedroom-belly-Favim_com-705568Squat challenge feedback: Day 8

I read a great blog post about the benefits of doing a squat challenge which I thought was really insightful and everyone should read it. You can read the post by clicking here

One thing I have noticed is that even though the rest day is there for a purpose and is necessary, when I return to the challenge I get the feeling like I have to start from the beginning, but I like it because I have to work harder to feel the results of the workout.

Day 5: Really felt the strain and soreness in my thighs, calves, tummy area and butt

Day 6: I get rather bored at times so I included some hip hop abs to spice things up a bit, the nice thing about the hip hop abs exercise is that they have a 3 tier squat bit so I wasn’t completely off the mark

Day 7: I don’t know, I don’t think I was doing it properly or maybe I felt a bit lazy, but I didn’t feel much while doing it, I couldn’t wait until it was over

Day 8: Rest day… I did about 85 squats as I felt that I wasn’t feeling enough pain and soreness the day before, I think also I’m so used to doing the challenge in the morning, so I was tired when I did it the night before. Hip Hop abs helped because I’m feeling the jelly legs. It feels awesome.

Day 9 today… looking forward to some kick ass squatting

Feeling great; loving it.

  1. well done to you with day 8…I started yesterday day 1….and OMG it was hectic, I am sitting here at work with stiff and painfull thighs lol…but pain is good I guess, looking forward to tonight’s session hehehehe xoxoxoxo

  2. Ok so I started my 1st day of squats.. I’m def gonna complete this challenge. FYI – I dont get updtes from you, I literally have to check it. I was so surprised that you posted so many posts

  3. Bidi, I incorporated my 2kg dumb bells as well

  4. I started the 30 day challenge and on day 3! Love the updates and can so relate to them! I definitely prefer doing them before my shower, in the shower while waiting for my conditioner to soak in and whilst brushing teeth. The occasional jelly legs and pain in my thighs while walking to the office from my car makes me smile…..that pain that feels good at the same time!!!

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