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Squat challenge feedback: day 3

Squat challenge feedback: Day 3
I prefer doing the squats in the morning before I head to the shower.

Day 1: was easy, didn’t feel much and thought that it hadn’t worked

Day 2: ok so now we talking, really felt sore in my thighs

Day 3: kicked my ass … literally, my thighs and butt feels like jelly

Tomorrow is rest day….

Feeling great; loving it.

  1. Day3:)60 squats..whew!!my thighs are like jelly…when I’m done I can’t wait to lay on the…”Motivated”can’t wait for the end result!!Rest tmrw:)

  2. Day5:)70 squats!.I’m like really… when I’m I getting to 70…starting to burn now,Whew!..out of breath,warm…feeling good!…Thanx!

    • Thats so awesome, so glad you doing it with me. Come on who else it doing it with us, keep going Mas.

      • I’m so glad I joined!Thanx for the invite!”Motivated”….Summer:):):)

      • Day6:)75 squats….Done&Dusted…:)*

        • I prefer to do mine in the morning. How u feeling though? Gosh my thighs and stomach is sore , means its working

          • My thighs and tummy is just so sore …I prefer doing mine in the evening caus I go to gym late afternoon…can’t do it before gym…otherwise I won’t have the….that means its working…”Right”I can feel that warm burning sensation ,sweaty when I’m done with my squats..”I’m with u all the way babes”

          • Thanks Mas, so awesome

          • Day7 was 80 squats…rest today!!everyday its gonna get more and more challenging..:)whew!:)

          • Yes for sure as you up your squats, keep going 🙂

          • I love ur feedback. Thanks

  3. Sigh, I’m sad I missed the start of this 🙁

  4. My ass better look like that!!!!

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