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SoyLites luxury hamper + Giveaway

So the other day I was asked whether I wanted to test out the SoyLites candle and body products and immediately I responded with a big yesss. I knew this was going to be awesome because anything from SoyLites was going to be luxurious and make you feel like you’re some kind of spa. Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a sucker for nice smelling candles and body butters. I really enjoyed playing with these products because they make your skin feel moisturised and healthy.

Luxury Beauty Oil
This beauty oil is actually an amazing tissue oil that hydrated, help heal and balance your skin. Oh no you don’t have to tell me twice. I use this oil just after I have taken a shower when my skin still feels soft and fresh. The oil doesn’t make your skin feel sticky or oily. Your skin just feels soft, silky and hydrated.

Hand and Body Butter with beautiful notes of vanilla, coconut and lime is just amazing and this is right up my alley. The hand and body butter moisturizes your skin without it making your skin feel sticky which I love. It’s compact and you can travel around with it without weighing your bag down. I even keep it with me at the office. Yes, it goes everywhere with me. My hands are normally super dry so having this hand and body butter readily available to moisturize my hands gives me great pleasure. I do feel like it’s more of a winter moisturizer than a summer one because it makes me feel cosy when I wear it (I don’t know does that sound weird?) however I still lather myself with the hand and body butter whenever I have a chance, which is everyday. The smell is just inviting and lingers on your skin for a while.

The Rejuvenation Candle
This candle gives me all sorts of feels. More than anything it has this fresh and inviting scent. It’s strong enough to make your home smell like a spa but not too strong that you end up with a migraine (you all know what I’m talking about). The scent notes are lemongrass, lavender and lime. Oh it’s just so nice. The best part though about this candle is that you can use the oil which is packed with vitamin E once it’s melted as a massage oil. Oh yess hunny, you can have your body massaged using the oil of the candle. The candles are environmentally friendly, so you wont feel bad using this candle.

More about this candle:

* Crafted using 100% natural, premium raw ingredients
* Completely free of chemicals, parabens and petroleum ingredients
* Our craftsmanship ensures a longer, cleaner, soot-free burn
* Doubles up as a moisturising body candle
* Made with cosmetic-grade, non-GMO soybean oil
* Many health benefits for skin when applied
* Beautifully scented with aromatherapy oils

Oh but this is where this posts gets even better. Because it’s my birthday month, it’s on Thursday 22 February 2018 actually, I thought I’d give back to you, my supporters. You stand a chance at winning this hamper.

All you have to do to enter is:

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0. Tag one friend and comment on the post

T’s and C’s
– You need to follow all steps in order to qualify for the prize
– The winner will be selected randomly and my decision is final
– Prizes can not be sold or redeemed for cash
– Competition closes on Monday, 26 February 2018 and the winner will be announced soon after

PS: keep a look out for another giveaway on my other social media platforms, if you have been following me you will know where to find me 😉

Until next time x

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