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sleep… what?

As a first time blogger I was thinking long and hard about what exactly I wanted my viewers to read, especially seeing that it’s my very first post ever. And then the thought came to me, what exactly is keeping me up at night, literally, and that is, my kids are sleeping in my bed. Now I’m sorry but I cannot sit and listen to two crying babies standing in their respective cots wailing to be picked up, comforted only to be left in their cots to start the crying process again. My friends swear by it, and of course it worked for them and I do understand but unfortunately I cannot handle it. Probably because I have two children the same age.


Some nights they sleep in their cots, right through the night but most nights they are sleeping in the middle of my husband and I, or both of them on me, one on my head and the other on my chest… then they change positions. We have tried putting them down while we lay next to them, we have tried letting them play until they pass out, we have tried letting them fall asleep watching a movie. No matter what time they go sleep, they will wake up and nag to come to bed. I know part of the problem is that the cots are in our room, their room is not finished yet and to be honest I’m so shit scared of them being in their own room. I know I am paranoid but I can’t help how I feel.


I have researched sleep training of twins, and have not found one article that gives you an alternative way of helping your kids sleep right through in their own cots.


I need more sleep, and I need my own space…


Still working progress… will keep you updated on a solution… when I find it…


Later x A x


  1. Twins … double the fun .. double the trouble 😉

  2. I can only imagine how you must feel. Also, you definitely get my vote for Mommy of the century. Double the responsibility, an you are doing a FANTASTIC job my friend. Sterkte, love you MWAH

  3. Yes its hard to enforce anything on kids but you have to be consistant. My boys is a year apart. They also slept with me. And only when they were 3 and 4 yrs did I start with a bed time routine. Its so much better when they can understand. And that took me two weeks of being consistant. And every now and then they get to sleep by mom…

    • Gosh am i going to have to wait until they are 3 lol i understand though its hard because how can a person function normally in their daily jobs when they hardly sleep at night.

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