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Review: Ellips Hair Vitamins


A few months ago i received a package from Ellips hair vitamins. I had the pleasant opportunity to test out their Hair Vitamins. My hair was lightly coloured and breaking off so when I received the package I immediately started using them. I saw a difference in the texture of my hair almost immediately. I’ve even given some of the hair vitamins to friends and family and they absolutely loved it, here’s why we all love these vitamins so much:

What are they?

Tiny 1mls capsules with vitamins that serves as a treatment for your hair. It comes in a pack of twelve in a box and you get five different hair treatment options.

Black Shiny (with Kemiri and Aloe Vera Oil)

This treatment specially targets thick and dark hair. It does exactly what it suggests by making your hair shiny, smooth, silky and manageable.

It really does make your hair beautifully shiny and smooth. My hair was feeling itself after using this treatment. Soft to the touch and tamed my frizzy hair. I prefer letting my hair air dry for a short period, and then put the treatment on my hair, thereafter drying my hair without having to spend long periods of time, and it turns out nourished and shiny every time.

Purple Nutri colour (with triple care)

This treatment has a formula that conditions and nourishes coloured hair. This product leaves your hair silky smooth and shiny.

My hair was dyed a really light colour that caused damage and made my hair really dry and brittle. Totally over the colour so I dyed my hair dark chocolate brown. I’m loving that the Ellips hair vitamins caters for people who colours their hair. I frequently use the purple hair treatment which really helps with the overall welfare of my hair. This specific treatment help repair the dryness and works well with protecting my coloured hair against the harsh sun.

Yellow smooth and silky (with Aloe Vera)

This formula is specifically designed to protect your hair against the sun. This combination of vitamins include a UV protection that keeps your hair well protected, shiny and smooth and silky.

I haven’t used this products as much as the others. I feel like this treatment is best suited for summer days, especially when you on your way to the beach or pools. This treatment can be applied before you leave the house, as this is a leave in product or I think is best suited after you have come from the beach, showered and applied thereafter.

Orange Hair Vitality (with Gensing and Honey oil)

This treatment has a formula that restores breakage and enforce strength to otherwise fry and brittle hair.

It does do exactly what it suggests. This treatment focuses on damaged a brittle hair, bringing life to it, making your hair feel smooth and strong. Yeah it like it.

Pink Hair Repair (with Jojoba oil)

This treatment brings moisture to your hair that has been damaged from frequent and excessive heat styling.

This is by far my favourite treatment. I love applying it on my hair and see the magic. My hair feels soft and silky and makes my hair look tamed and a lot better than after styling. (My hair goes really puffy if I don’t style and blow dry my hair, it’s not a great look) I’m obsessed with the pink treatment. I highly recommend this treatment.

Costs of all treatments: R89.00 for a box of 12 or R275.00 for a jar of 50.

Leave-in Milkshake conditioner

This product is a leave – in conditioner that you apply onto your hair after you have had a shower. You don’t have to rinse the product off and you can go ahead and style as you want immediately. This conditioner smells incredible. It’s a must have item when I’m brushing the girls hair in the morning, they love the smell too and always request that I spray some on their hair at any given time. It serves as a detangler, score! The girls have long hair that tangles all the time. The conditioner softens the knots, making it easy to detangle their hair. So, it’s safe to say that this product is perfect for children.

“The leave – in conditioner contains both Milk and Wheat Protein, along with Pro-Vitamin B5, and offers a range of benefits to nourish and treat damaged hair” – Taken from the website

And yes I totally believe in this product. It’s really amazing! This is for sure the best product in the range, in my opinion and I will definitely purchase this product.

R132.00 for 110mls

You can purchase these products on the Ellip’s website or order any of the mentioned products on Tell them i sent you!

Overall review: It’s a must in your hair care routine. All the products mentioned above has Moroccan oil to help combat frizz and strengthens your hair as well as Pro – Vitamin B5, A and E which guarantees to leave your hair nourished and beautiful.


Will I purchase any of these products? Ab – so – freaking- lute- ly

Let me know if you have purchase any of these products and how you found them. Did they work for you?

Until next time!

  1. I’ll definitely go have a look at the website. I love leave-in conditioners.

  2. Hi which works best for dull colored thin fine hair

    • HI the hair vitality one is really great for all types of hair.

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