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Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela

Rest in Peace Nelson Mandela

All day i have been reading my friends statuses on Facebook and pictures on Instagram about how Tata Madiba inspired and affected them in different ways, one thing is certain is that in this time of sadness our nation is coming together and uniting to pay respects and remember what he stood for. He was a very humble and wise man and all his sayings and words are relatable because without effort, his words touched our hearts. He was the greatest example of forgiveness, sometimes we struggle to forgive for even the slightest mistreatment towards us when he walked out of prison and had already forgiven everyone who has mistreated him, his race and country. That is by far
the best bit of life’s lesson that i would like to instill in my children. He is definitely an icon that will be missed and will always be remembered.

Night all x


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