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Reasons why my family is always late

I’m always the mom (and family) that is the last to arrive at any event or function. Leaving the house on time with three kids can be a mission. I’m sure that my friends and family judge me for it. I don’t do it on purpose ofcourse. There are so many things that I have to do first before even thinking of leaving the house. Okay so here’s why I’m always late.

A semi-kind of but not really clean house – I cannot leave the house without cleaning up the house a bit. The kitchen must be clean and the girls must clean their room. I make sure to pick up everything (clothes, toys etc.) laying around the house and tidy up where I can.

Shower and dressed – I have to ensure that myself and the kids are washed, dressed and ready before we leave the house, and Zahir has to ensure that he is washed and dressed (yes, that’s it) … okay! okay! he does help me with some stuff, cant now be unfair.

My kids are 100% difficult all the time – they can never find their shoes or a specific jacket or they are fighting or crying or nagging or shouting. It never ends, and our house is manic at all times.

Another kid is in the picture now – who is a 7 month old baby and I have to take care of his needs first, like feeding him. Also, we have to factor in a morning or afternoon nap. I would rather let him take his nap than have a cranky, fussy baby at a function.

Pack the nappy bag – a schlep for sure because I have to think about packing extra clothing and the bottle and formula, and blankets etc. etc. and that the nappy bag is actually with us in the car before leave because one day not so long ago, we got done and hurried out the door, got to our destination only to realize that Zahir and I forgot to take the nappy bag, then we blamed each other for the stupidity of it all. Needless to say, Zahir had to take the trip back home to collect the nappy bag.

I take 5 minutes to get done – yes this is what I have to listen to every single time we actually get done, and what’s worse is that I’ve timed him, and he does not take 5 effing minutes.

I’m expected to take 5 minutes to get done – so when everyone is dressed and fed and ready, it’s my turn to shower, get dressed, and do my make-up and hair in 5 minutes. I feel exhausted and out of breathe. I have clothes on that I didn’t want to wear but had no time to decide on. My hair looks like shit. By the time I get into the car. I’m shouting like a maniac when all I want to do is climb into bed and sleep.

Sudden need to pee – yip almost always when we about to leave the house, either one or both of the girls will have a sudden need to pee and of course I would rather them pee at home than at a public toilet.

I can give you a lot more reasons why my family is late. It might seem like we are disrespectful of your time. I get it. Unfortunately my family is always going to be late for some reason or another. I apologise in advance for my lateness.

I know what you must be thinking though. Abieda why the hell don’t you just wake up earlier and get done…. I’ll tell you why … because 1) I’ve probably woken up at least three times the night before for all sorts of reasons. 2) all the reasons mentioned above. 3) why should I? I wake up 6:00 am every morning, however there is no way that I’m going to get done at that time. sorry!

Let me know if you are one of those moms that are always late by commenting below.

Until next time

  1. Hahahhaa I’m reading this and I can so relate…. TO ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!!! Granted my hubby does help get the kids done, it’s everything else that actually makes you late. And then yes, after everyone is done, you EXPECTED to be done TOO… as if you weren’t getting little people done the whole time. I have 4 kids. 12,7,5, and 3. The thought of going anywhere is exhausting…. Just the drama of getting done part because its always a huge mission xxx

    I hold on to “it will get better” lol

    • lmk I’m glad I’m not alone, I edited my post a bit because shame he does help me, and I should at least mention it hahaha. Girl, 4 kids, a super mom for sure … great job!

  2. I was the kind that made sure we were on time, but since baby I’ve just put that aside. Now it’s either those that are ready can go, or we all wait and have a bit of sabr and go together. I’ll try do most things either the night before like pack bags, sort out clothing etc, and the day of the event then the girls know not to make a huge mess. If Taymullah has just gone to sleep before we leave I WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES wake him, unless emergency, as that is my sanity period. Mom of 4 (6,4,2 and 4 months ) and my sanity comes before your event. Events will carry on if I’m late, my sanity might not ha ha ha! #fistpumptomoms

    • haha I had to laugh at the bit where you said my sanity comes before your event… so true
      You are my true hero when it comes to motherhood my friend #represent

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