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I read an interesting blog post about a change a mom made when her children had mishaps and basically she reacted when her child would have an accident. This brought the relationship between mother and child closer, with a more compassion and consideration to your child’s feelings towards you.

Please read the blog post

So this morning we (Zahir and I) took the girls to crèche and I accidentally let one of their bags fall to the ground and as I picked it up I said “oops” and Zia turns around and says, ” you let the bag fall? And I respond “yes, silly me” and she says “it’s ok mommy” and that made me realize that this three year old has more compassion for me than I have for her when she has an accident.

How you treat your child will hugely affect him or her when he or she grows up. It’s hard because life tends to get in the way that causes you to either become frustrated or annoyed and normally take the feelings out on your loved ones. Accidents happen all the time and it’s not everlasting, the cool drink spilled can be wiped up. I’m the first to admit that I get frustrated especially when it’s the fourth time I wiped spills that weekZ It’s not important though. Your child’s feelings are important.

Lesson learned my child.

Let me know how you deal with accidents and methods you use that is different from your normal reaction.

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