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Pool day at the De Hollandsche Molen

Last Wednesday, my family and I spent the day at the De Hollansche Molen resort in Franschhoek. We got the around 12pm. It was quite hot and because we got there so late we had to find a spot in the middle of two pools. One pool had slides for the adults and young ones and the girls loved sliding down them. It was really awesome to see the girl showcase their swimming skills. Swimming classes for the year really equipped them for summer. There was another pool that wasn’t deep at all, and there you could hire tubes and chill in them. Then the main attraction was the river, everyone raved that it’s the best water they swam in a long time. We stayed until closing time which was 6pm. You can camp and book chalets as well and we are definitely thinking of having our holiday taken at the resort at the end of the year. Should be fun.

But let me not go on and on about the venue but instead show you. Hope you enjoy.

Until next time x

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