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Outfit: Spring


I’m a few weeks late with a spring look, but the weather wasn’t the best with it being windy and chilly all the damn time, and the girls had to wear clothes that were weather appropriate.

I’ve really enjoyed putting these outfits together for the girls and because they are twins they wear the same outfits. I find it a lot easier because there is a lot less fuss and its a hell of lot more affordable. The girls are quite independent and vocal about practically everything so I’m quite lucky that they haven’t realized that they can wear different clothing and have their own style. I’m sure there is still plenty of time for them to grow into their own, so while I’m able to dress them the same i’ll take full advantage of it.

I’ve found these cute little dresses from Cotton On Kids, their summer hats are from Mr Price and shoes are from Woolworths.

And lets take a minute for the loss of half of Zia’s hair and a little bit of Tazkia’s, they decided to cut their hair and this was the result (weep!)

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Photography by: Jade’s View Photography

Until next time, Cheers!

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