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My pregnancy update

Hi everyone,

I’ve officially hit the 28 weeks mark which means I’m now into my third trimester. I was telling my husband that this experience feels so surreal, like it hasn’t sunk in yet, but still the time has flown so quickly that I find myself starting to stress a little about what’s to come. I have to admit I’m rather petrified thinking about the delivery process and after especially since the experience I had the first time around was so horrific and terrifying. No one wants to feel like they might not make it out of hospital.  Anyway, my gynecologist and cardiologist is quite positive that everything should run smoothly, and also we are trying everything in our power to avoid the same experience again. I feel better knowing that I do really have the best team possible to ensure that all goes well. (IA)

The second trimester: The second semester really was a major improvement from the first. I found that I could eat a lot healthier meals. We enjoyed the Woolworth’s soup that comes in sachets, all ready to eat (my favourite kind) especially during Ramadaan. It’s so easy and you can get a variety of veggie/vegan type soups. The nausea is gone but the migraines still comes now and then, that’s okay though, i went to the salon and had my hair  short with layers which really helped so i’m not getting the migraines as much. I’m feeling great and my tummy is growing which means baby Siers is growing. Baby Siers tripled his weight in 5 weeks, wow! It really was amazing to see. Also, he is kicking and moving so much now, that I have to have frequent talks with him.

Presently, the third trimester: I am looking a lot more pregnant these days which is okay! Even though it feels surreal I’m starting to feel the pressure of getting all baby Siers belongings together. Tell me, when is it okay to start buying baby clothes and equipment? I haven’t purchased anything myself, and a lot of moms say that I’m so late in buying things for the baby and myself so i better get cracking.

We sitting with the issue of having to deal with fitting three car seats (two booster and one for babies) into a smallish car. we still need to purchase the car seat for baby Siers so we are in a better position i guess to find a solution. It’s annoying actually because on the one hand you are told that car seats are compulsory and would be the best safety equipment for kids in case you are in an accident but on the other hand not all cars are suitable for more than one or two car seats. Will definitely keep you posted if i find a solution. Let me know if you want me to do a post on it.

Not much has changed in my beauty/skincare regime other than adding the Kiehl’s midnight recovery oil to my problem areas (even in the mornings). This helped with texture and hydration especially around my nose and mouth area. I was getting these fine pimples around the nose and mouth area and it really helps clear the pimples. Weird man!

Also been trying out the new Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream because I finished the previous moisturizer, but I think it might be a bit harsh around the nose and mouth area which caused the pimples in the first place, but I’m not about that wasting life, so I use it around the outer portions of my face and neck and then go in with the midnight recovery oil around the problem areas (okay, how many times can one say nose and mouth area?)

My daily make up routine is mostly the same, i have only started wearing foundation again so its basically the only add on.


Some pics of me at 27 weeks, yes I’m aware I look like I have swallowed a giant purple balloon.




until next time xx

  1. Looking amazing Abieda, always love reading your bloggs 🙂 hope find solution to car seats. Mwah

  2. You look beautiful Masha-Allah…you blessed​ you can still wear jeans…I’m 33 weeks pregnant and jeans are the most uncomfortable piece of clothing.

    • thanks so much, i’m surely going to get there soon. Its very touch and go, most days i’m living in tights. congrats on your pregnancy xx

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