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My maternity leave is over

In about 4 days’ time my maternity leave will be completely over and then I return to work. Going back to the land of the working class and I’m absolutely dreading it. It’s like I have this unexplained urge to give up my job and stay home with my kids. Every time I look at my baby I just want to hold him knowing that this not going to last, I’m going to be on a time crunch and will only get to see him before I leave for work and when I return.

My maternity leave started like any other, hugely pregnant and so ready to get the baby out and start getting into a life where waking up every three hours and bottle feeding is going to be the norm. Granted the sleep deprivation isn’t cool hey, and trying to get into a routine can be challenging. The best part of the maternity leave is that it was over the summer holidays and Zahir and I got to spend much needed time with Yameen and the girls where we got to eat loads of unhealthy snacks and to go places that we haven’t seen before and we had loads of fun at the sea and pools.

Yameen is 4 months old on the day that I return to work, it feels like just the other day he was born, this maternity leave has gone by so quickly but it’s been so long already and he is becoming a feisty little boy, kicking and moving his arms and laughing, the cutest little laugh when you interact with him. He really dislikes lying on his back and at any moment he would move so much and literally lift his upper body up and wanting to sit. I feel like he is at the beginning stages of teething too, his always coiling and putting his hands in his mouth these days. I’m really sad that I’m not going to get to see all the other milestones that will happen in the next few months. He has really been such a joy in our lives, the girls adore him and they have already started claiming authority over him. The girls are so affectionate and loving with him, but voice their annoyance when he cries, but are quickly at his side to comfort him. It’s really cute to see.

The last time I was on maternity leave I couldn’t wait to return to work, I was tired at looking at four walls and only speaking to babies, this time around I loved every minute of spending time with Yameen and the girls. Luckily I had Felicia and Zahir this maternity leave/holiday to help maintain peace and order although a lot of the times we got it wrong because looking after three kids in no joke. It’s exhausting and challenging and you really need your wits about you to make sure that the household is somewhat stress free. I feel like though I want to have the opportunity to be present in my children’s lives and not just work for the next pay check.

I really want to work towards an end goal here and that is so get all my ducks in a row so that when the time comes and it will come – I will be ready to leave my job and be a stay at home mom … looking after my cute kids, blogging and making a success of my business. (God Willing)  Zahir says that I’d never be able to do it though, leave my job to be home with the kids because they drive me nuts ha ha that is true but i cannot help what i feel. Wish me luck!



  1. Good luck with going back to work. The first week or so will be hard, but then things will hopefully settle into a routine. #Lekkerlinky

    • Thank you, it has been super chilled and easy, but then again he is only 4 months, lets hope when he is bigger he wont cry when he realize that mommy is going to work.

  2. Good luck! Today my daughter had to come home early from school. I was there in 10 minutes to fetch her. I think that is the biggest reward of being a SAHM. It’s worth all the sacrifices (financial & sanity amongst others), to be able to be there for them when they really need us and not have to worry about work, or leave, or time, or anything like that. I do wish you the best of luck!!!
    Thanks for linking up to the #lekkerlinky

  3. Hi thanks, I really wish I was a SAHM but alas I cant afford to be home, and you right its best to be available when your kids need you. My husbands dad fetches the girls from school and checks up on baby and the household. so luckily he gives me peace of mind. I also have a super nanny 🙂

  4. Hi wishing your week ahead is better. It helps to have the #lekkerlinky support and your family support so that you are able to achieve your dreams and wishes

  5. Thinking of you! And I love the pics – it’s so special seeing the bond they already have with each other, so cute! ❤️
    Thanks for linking up to the #LekkerLinky 😊

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