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My Five Favourite Me Time Indulgences

As a mom you don’t always have time to do the things you love because there is always other things family related that must be attended to. I know that when I’m being over worked and under taken cared of is when I constantly feeling drained, frustrated and unhappy. Not necessarily with my family life, but rather with my overall being because I’ve been giving myself 100% to my work, my family, my children, my husband but I’m not giving myself a break. No one wants to have to deal with an unhappy person all the time. So, I do little things that fulfill me and by just focusing on myself once in a while bring me joy. I firmly believe that you have to do that sometimes for yourself for your family unit to run smoothly and for your own sanity and overall well-being, even if it’s just for an hour.

Before we go on, I just wanted to quickly mention that I’ve had the pleasure in partnering up with two amazing mom bloggers like myself, Namreen from Life and times of the fireflies blog and Nadia from Shiny Sequins blog  whose me time favourites posts went live on their blogs as well, please show some love and go check out their posts. I have also interviewed Namreen here and Nadia here for my blogger interview series so please go on and check those out too. The interviews will give you an insight into their lives and loves.


Below are five me time indulgences that make me feel great and helps with my sanity. I feel like all moms should have some me time indulgences that makes them feel human, and that having kids and looking after a household doesn’t mean they have to lose themselves and their hobbies. If any, you should have more of them. Although it definitely is a part of my life, I didn’t include exercising and eating healthy into this post because I feel like it’s a given. Working out and preparing healthy food and eating healthy food definitely a favourite past time, but I feel like I’ve spoken too many times about them that I wanted to mention other me time indulgences that is different but that are still things I love doing.

1.) I love watching old movies. I can watch a movie over and over and never get sick of it. I even have a classic folder on my laptop where I’ve stored all my old movies and when I have a moment I’ll choose a movie to watch from that folder. Some of my favourite movies of all time is Primal Fear, ALL the twilight movies (don’t judge), Selena, Pretty Woman, Dance with me, and some Bollywood movies (again, don’t judge lol)

2.) I do the monthly grocery shopping normally the weekend after pay day. I don’t know how to explain this but I get this feeling of relaxation when I’m out at a shopping center and having a great old time by myself. I’ll do some window shopping; buy a peanut butter bomb smoothie at Kauai and sip on it while I’m shopping and I’ll pop into Dischem and test all the make up before going to Woolworths and Checkers and doing the grocery shopping. However, three hours is just about the amount of time my husband can handle the kids. So, I try to be back at home by the third hour.

3.) I love a good pamper session at home, however it’s not often when I get a chance to have the session because the family is always home and let’s be honest I don’t always have money to spend on constant pamper sessions at a salon, its an expensive hobby. I’m really into body moisturizers and body butters are my favourite. Nice smelling hair products like dry shampoos give me lots of pleasure when spraying the product into my hair. I really enjoy applying my make-up everyday, testing different make up products and the different looks I come up with. Comment below if you want me to do a pamper routine or my every day natural make up look.

4.) Some quality time with my girlfriends is always nice and relaxing plus we get to vent and laugh and eat cake and be serious and then laugh again. I don’t see my friends often but when I do meet up with any of them it feels like time stands still and we are just having the best time. We always do, no matter where we are or how much time has gone by without seeing each other. A meet up is definitely due ladies.

5.) Blogging, I know you might be thinking why blogging, isn’t it a job? Noooo, it can be for some bloggers but it’s not a job for me, although I’ve been lucky enough to work with a few brands that i absolutely love. I love the exclusivity of my blog. I blog because I love writing and clearly I’m opinionated so I love to give you tips and suggestions based off my experiences and I’m really into story time posts too. I take pride in my posts, and spend quite a bit of time prepping and writing and reading them and checking them to ensure that my content is  quality and authentic. I feel like i have come a long way and that my content and pictures are proof of the time and work and energy I’ve spent on it. I enjoy most the interaction that i have with you on a daily basis. I’m very proud of this blog.

Laugh a lot ~ be positive ~ don’t sweat the bad stuff ~ family first always ~ self love ~ mom slay

That’s it from me; if you have me time indulgences that you would love to share with me, please do so by commenting below.


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