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My Body Positivity Story

I didn’t always have an issue with my weight, all of my teenage life and most of my twenties I had a decent sized figure and I didn’t care much for exercise and I practically ate whatever I wanted. But since I had the twins in my late twenties and now a baby boy at thirty four my body ballooned into what it is now. Overweight. I haven’t had the energy or will power to go and get my body back to its healthy state. Until now!

There was a time, quite recently when I looked at myself in the mirror I didn’t see the beautiful body I had when I was younger in-fact I didn’t recognize her at all. I mean I saw my face and then I looked at this body and I’m like how the heck did it get to this point? What’s worse is the looks I got from fitness freaks or other thin women judging me for letting myself go. It got to the point where dressing myself in pretty clothes didn’t make me feel pretty so I ended up not making an effort when I went out. But imagine attempting to look good on the outside when you not feeling up for it on the inside. The more I hated the way I looked the more I ate. Go figure I’m an emotional eater. I ate my sorrows away. The more I ate, I worse I felt, and that made me feel crappier about myself and so I just ate more. Not the healthy good stuff, I was eating the crappy bad stuff. You see, it’s a cycle you go through and you don’t even know you are doing it. Or maybe you do but you can’t help yourself.

But Abieda is body positivity just for curvier people? If you eat healthy and workout, does that mean you are not body positive?

The thing is though, in the bigger scheme of things body positivity isn’t just accepting your body for the way it is. Body positivity for me is, looking at your overall self (not just your body) and realizing that you should work to be your healthiest self, taking care of your body, mental state and emotions by eating healthy, working out, not to be thin but to be healthy, and be active, think positively and associate yourself with positive people so that you can feel your best.

I want to feel good and look good and I’m sorry but being overweight is not going to help ME achieve that goal. Neither is accepting my overweight self because I’m too lazy to hit the gym. I’m using accepting loosely here because even though I don’t want to be overweight doesn’t mean I don’t love myself and my body.

Before I would try all these diets and workouts with one goal in mind and that is to lose as much weight as I can. This time around my approach is different. Firstly I already feel good about myself, I’m in a good space and I’m just going to work to get healthier and see where this takes me and I’m hoping to do so by living a healthy lifestyle and not put as much pressure on myself. This has been really amazing for my mental health and my overall physical health.

Okay Abieda this is all good and well but what are you doing to keep yourself healthy?

I’m not claiming to be perfect at this, the point of all of this is to focus on yourself and work towards a bigger goal here. Because we know ourselves better than anyone else does, we’re often the first to point out our own “flaws.” And boy do other people love to jump on that bandwagon too. Anyway, below are a few things that I’m trying to do to keep myself healthy and ultimately happy.

  • Exercise to be healthy and not put as much pressure on myself to look a certain way.
  • I’m not depriving myself; if I feel like having chocolate I will eat the chocolate (my weakness)
  • I’m not as hard on my body as I used too be, popping out three kids is no joke I’m 5 months postpartum.
  • I choose to support my fellow beautiful ladies, being kind to others uplifts your spirit and overall mood – at least this is what I think
  • I prefer measuring myself as opposed to weighing, seeing the centimeters lesson makes my week
  • I have set some goals for myself this year regarding my weight and how I see myself look and feel


Okay, so it might not be what you wanted to hear from me on this subject and I think I’ll probably get some backlash. But that’s okay.

Let me know about your body positivity story and what you are doing to make yourself feel good. How are you looking after your overall well-being?

Until next time

Photography by Zeenat of Pursuing Pictorialism and you can find her here

This post is in collaboration with Laura from Harassed Mom Blog and you can find her here

  1. I love this! I find myself in a similar situation. At first i started the healthier eating and exercising to lose weight. But as I’m going along, i find that I’m doing it more for the health benefits and because it makes me feel good within and also i feel more energized…so I’m just taking it one day at a time and doing everything in moderation 🙂

    Thanks for the inspiring post ♥

    • Thanks for commenting dear, I love it when I find people that can relate and that are in similar situations. I’m definitely in the same boat.

  2. This is one of your most inspiring blogs! Love it. Wishing you mountains of success on the journey and I hope to latch on too….so keep posting!

  3. Well said, cuz. Proud of you.

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