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MOTG: Mustard

I’ve always been one to keep our family tradition of celebrating family birthdays, my dad loved it, my mom always holds a little birthday party, my extended family is big on family birthday gatherings, but Zahir’s family… not so much, so they will usually have a quiet supper or lunch at their home with the immediate family … no mess no fuss so very quickly Zahir had to adjust of my crazy family birthday bashes and celebrations, and a lot of them are parties where you have to dress up and show up in your finest, and I don’t mind that at all.

Anyway, it was my birthday yesterday 22 February, Zahir surprised me with a spa morning at the Oriental Spa and Thai Massage in Platterkloof here. The view is really beautiful. You can see Table Mountain in the distance, bold and beautiful, and all of Cape Town, from the front of the spa. The entire massage session lasted a cool 1.45 hours. Our massage session consisted of a 60 min Thai and oil mixed method massage, 30 min Thai foot reflexology, I feel like I enjoyed this the most because Zahir said that I was snoring… and loud lol. and finally a 15 min head massage. Our bodies went into this relaxing coma, where all the stress of the week just melted away.

After the massage we went to have lunch at Ocean Basket. Zahir asked me where I wanted to go and the last time I’ve been to Ocean Basket was over a year ago and I really wanted to have some prawns. I ate myself in a coma hey.

The evening, the family came over with gifts and laughter. Mom made a ginormous pot of Briyani and it was delicious (Marie’s style, anyone that has tasted my mom’s food will know) and I bought cake and cupcakes for tea. It was so chilled and relaxing and I felt really spoilt.

Until next time x


About this look: I had a really great time putting this look together, which was super easy. Moms normally require outfits that are simple yet makes you look and feel good. This look is ideal for me who is always busy and never really have time to deal with outfits. Some women makes it look so easy thought hey.

Dress: Edgars

Sneakers: Madison at Zando

Jacket: Mr Price (i have this jacket a good couple of years already)

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