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Here are 31 things I have learnt since becoming a mom. Sometimes being brutally honest with yourself teaches you how to be a great mom not perfect, but great enough for your children to live a wonderful life. In fact I say, there is no such thing as a terrible mom. You have to make mistakes in order to learn and grow along with your children. Enjoy!

31 things I have learnt since becoming a mom are as follows:

1. Marie biscuits is an ideal snack

2. My paediatrician is adamant that my children at 19 months must only have two formula bottles a day, I say, if your children wants their bottle, then make them one

3. Be fair at all times, don’t favour and what the one gets the other one gets as well

4. Revert to number 3, don’t allow the grandparents to favour either, as much as they want to and respond to one child only, voice your concerns and dislikes

5. Enforce your routine on grandparents, as much as you think they won’t, they will give your children coke

6. If you have more than one child and he or she gets sick, guaranteed the other will get sick, so prepare yourself for at least two weeks of no sleep

7. My kids are different even though they are twins and their needs are different so treat them as individuals and not a pair

8. Revert to number 7, its tricky though because my kids dress the same and have the same routine, it’s easier

9. My in-laws are heaven on earth when it comes to babysitting, I will never disregard them ever, because they do so much for my kids

10. People will say the stupidest things when you become a first time mom, take it in with a smile and a nod, they will leave eventually

11. Another first time mom can be wise, because they will research until their heads explode, and they will do things by the book, so take their advice

12. Baby 1 sucks a pacifier and baby 2 sucks her thumb, and that’s ok, they will stop when they are ready, I’m not going to force my kids to stop doing something because it’s the one thing that comforts them when I’m not there

13. Do what you think is best for your children, always!

14. My husband have a lot more patience than I have, that’s ok… go play by dada, go! is my favourite saying …

15. No matter how much your husband says that cleaning your kids shit nappy makes him want to vomit, its fine, he will get through it, so don’t do it for him

16. I have become a lot more sympathetic and sensitive when I read about kids hurting, and it’s always because I think it could be my child and that physically breaks my heart every time

17. I have also become a lot more paranoid, I sleep with my bedroom door locked, do you think setting up a trelly door in your passage is over the top?

18. Sleep is a thing of the past, and no matter how late your kids went to bed, they will be up at 7:00, even on weekends

19. Cartoons are my saviour

20. Before you start singing the ABC song in front of visitors, make sure you know all the letters of the alphabet, because you will make a fool of yourself if you forgot Q comes after P

21. Always recite the prayer before sleep, when putting your kids down, I believe that they will sleep better and its always great feeling to hear them recite it with you

22. Take the time out to sit and watch your husband play Xbox, just because he likes it when you near him, it shouldn’t be about your kids all the time

23. Enforce date night, I have yet to get this one right…. I won’t give up

24. I have a new appreciation for my mom, because I’m sure that she didn’t have it all together all of the time, and my siblings and I turned out just fine; now I know that I don’t have it together most of the time, but my kids will have the best that my husband and I have to offer and they will be ok as well.

25. Bepanthen is the shyte, really! Baby 1 has eczema and that helps rashes and redness in the neck and behind knees, amongst others, within a day, it’s a wonderful product

26. My mom’s homemade medicine remedies really work

27. Take a bath at night rather than a shower, put some bubble bath and nice smelling oils in the water and just relax… it does wonders for stress and tension

28. Take your girlfriends up on their offer for lunch

29. It’s ok to warm up Woolworths readymade meals when you just don’t feel like cooking, the food is fantastic especially the vegetarian meals

30. If you don’t hear from your girlfriends for at least two months, chances are their lives are just as chaotic, send a whatsapp!

31. And finally because I could go on and on, try not to lose yourself in motherhood, many women have done it before you and many are yet to do it after you….

Love… xAx

  1. I told u babe… I’m sooo available if you guys want a break, and now that the weather is gettin warmer, expect ‘unexpected’ visitors… Or aunt LOL 😉

    Looking and goin thru your list…. all I can say is … WOW! Makes so much sense, you are doing a fantastic job and you definitely deserve an award.

    I love you Bidi! Be strong, always here for you MWAH

  2. I love this post! I definitely live by number 3

  3. I could not under stand, but your children must still be toddlers?

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