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Life lately:

Oh man this was a crazy few weeks.

On Friday the 04th May, we got home from work, and almost immediately Zia starts crying and complained about her cheek and throat area paining. It looked a little swollen. I gave her some pain medication and she was okay for a while after until in the middle of the night. She was scream crying and said that the side of her cheek and throat was paining. Again I gave her medication but this time, her glands were definitely swollen. I took her to the doctor on the Saturday who confirmed it was mumps. Yes girl, mumps. The thing about mumps though is that medications like antibiotics doesn’t work because mumps is a viral infection, high contagious and you just have to your child pain medication for pain and fever and wait it out. Literally every four hours when the pain medication wore off she would start scream cry for me to help her. She was feeling sorry for herself. At least thrice she asked me “why this was happening to her, and why she had to go through something like this every time’. Mind you she never went through something like this before. She just really didn’t want to be her at that point. She was especially emotional one morning where she literally crumbled to the floor with me wrapped around her and her crying into my shoulder. A little dramatic but It’s really not okay to see your baby in so much pain. The doctor booked her off for the whole week.

Then on the 05th May, my cousin’s daughter got married and she looked so beautiful. I had to go to the wedding with baby and Tazkia and Zahir stayed home with Zia. Sunday the 06th May was my sister Akiefah’s birthday. A surprise party that I hosted upon request from Jihad, my sister’s husband. I decided on a chocolate theme, with a chocolate fountain as the star attraction. My sister loved the party and the chocolate fountain was a hit with the guests.

On the 08th May, Yameen went for his six months vaccinations, yes I’m aware his seven months and yes I missed the previous appointment. Story of my life.

At the same time we took Tazkia to have her ears flushed out. It came to the point where Tazkia couldn’t hear properly, and started complaining that her ears pained and she couldn’t hear. She couldn’t sometimes make out what people were saying. Loves to sing but makes up her own words which always sounded like gibberish.

She was super brave and very chilled about the whole procedure. The doctor explained what she was going to do and when and that it wasn’t going to hurt but that she would hear a sound much like a wave. So basically the doctor took a syringe with warm water, inserted the water into her ears so that any wax that was in her ears would be flushed out. I’m telling you I was traumatized, a big, black and hard piece of wax was stuck in each ear preventing her from hearing. The wax was years’ worth of build-up. I felt so bad because I knew she had this build-up of wax and I didn’t do anything about it until now. She said that she was instantly able to hear properly, and the reason why she didn’t listen to me when I spoke to her for all these years when she was naughty was because of the wax ha-ha.

Then on the 09th I had my annual check-up at Groote Schuur Hospital, and I’m happy to report, my heart has not deteriorated with my pregnancy and birth of Yameen. I still do have rheumatic heart disease but it’s under control. So that’s good.

The week ended off with a lovely, chilled Mother’s day. I love that the kids got to buy me a mother’s day gift, a box of chocolates and a sorbet voucher. I can’t wait to go for a manicure and pedicure. My hands and feet need the attention. It was Yameen’s first mother’s day with the family. I’m forever grateful and blessed that I get to be their Mom.

Shu what a week of sick children, hospitals and medication but this is a new week and I’m all good.

About this look:

I paired a classic long sleeved t-shirt with a pencil skirt. Perfect for a day when I’m running errands. I paired this outfit with my trusted black converse sneakers. Not much to it really.

Until next time.



  1. I love the part that she was naughty because she had wax in her ears! They say the funniest things.
    I remember about 8 years ago little S had his ears syringed for the first time. The wax was actually sticking out the one ear and I thought he stuck something in his ear. To me it looked like raisins. I could actually take a piece out with my hand and the doc took care of the rest.
    Quite a hectic week you had, glad everything turned out well.
    Lotsa love

    • I know she cracks me up. It also looked like a disgusting raisin in Tazkia’s ears ewwww! lol but I’m just glad we got her ears checked and flushed. we will have to do it on a yearly basis now. Ramadaan Mubarak my friend!

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