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MOTG: a floral wrap dress

Life lately: I’ve been feeling super uninspired about working out lately. I’ve been going back and forth in my mind about why the hell I’m procrastinating when it comes to working out. Literally every single day I would tell myself ‘okay today I’m going to start’ but then life happens or I’m lazy and my bed happens and I’d rather lay on the bed and watch the crime and investigation channel than working out.

So this is what I figured is going to help me get my work out on – 1.) I need to eat cleaner by eliminating sugar, bread, and carbs out of my life and add healthy shakes and other healthier alternatives to my meal plan (which is currently non existent). 2.) I need a trainer because I need someone to motivate me; to cheers me on and to hold me accountable when i’m being lazy or messing up (i know, i know i should hold myself accountable but i cant even get myself to workout in the first place. 3.) I need to plan my life, and schedule in working out.
Right now that was the easy part, the problem is that all of this costs money; money I don’t have and did you know how expensive trainers are? Holy shit! Had a fright of my life! Then again if you bloody good at what you do, you should be able to charge a ‘good’ price for training. Right! But that doesn’t help me now does it? I’m sure I’ll figure it out; I’m going to have to. I’m fast getting to the point where I’m not feeling so great about myself again, and I don’t want to go there because that feeling sucked.

Anyway, about this look. Now that autumn is here, and the colder weather is approaching I wanted to post this summer look as a goodbye to summer. I love this look because it’s fun, casual and comfortable. My go to when it comes to style. I got this beautiful Revenge floral inspired wrap dress at here  and I paired it with an Aldo handbag, hat that borrowed from my super stylish cousin and a pair of black converse. This is totally the look I would wear if I were out having lunch with some girlfriends.

By the way, if you didn’t know MOTG means mom on the go

Let me know what motivates you to work out by commenting below.

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