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Mommy Scenario tag

I really enjoy doing these tags, it gives one insight on how to deal with different scenarios as parents. These are “the struggle is real” type scenarios that every parent would face, and with twin  5 years old’s whose job is to test the shit out of Zahir and I. Please have a read below on how we deal with these scenarios.

Your kid is refusing to eat dinner; do you stand your ground and demand they eat what you made? Or make something else?

I normally choose my battles and previously I would make something for me and hubby and something different for the girls, that quickly got old, Zia now eats whatever we eat but the fussy person is Tazkia, its normally a sandwich for her if she isn’t going to eat the selected meal.

Your kid has a melt-down at the store; nothing is working to calm them. Do you leave & come back another time, or grit your teeth and finish shopping?

It depends on where we going, we normally have a conversation with the girls before going into a mall that we are not buying any toys and if they are really good we will buy them treat.

Your kid gets too many toys for their birthday; do you make some returns or save them for a rainy day?

If the toys are meant for them on their birthdays especially I will let them just have it.

Your kid is protesting sleep; do you give in at 3am, get them up & turn on a movie? Or continue to rock them, nurse, etc. to try to get them back to sleep?

Hell no I will dope your punk ass with allergex.

You have an appointment and no babysitter- do you bring them with you or reschedule?

Reschedule, but Z and I are both working parents and we most liking will try and schedule the appointment during working hours or take the day off.

You have 20 minutes until unexpected company arrives. Do you rush to clean up your messy house, or just figure- “hey, it’s okay. I’ve got kids!”

One can get lots done in twenty minute, my house is normally clean during the week, but weekends are really when the girl mess. I would like to know when we having company. Most visitors normally announce when they would like to visit. But i doubt anyone really expects ones home to be queaky clean, its lived in for heaven’s sake and kids make a mess.

You’re running late & only have time to do your hair or makeup- which do you choose?

Make up without a doubt

You’re at the park and another child pushes yours, do you intervene and correct them- or go find the child’s parent?

I’m so not confrontational so I won’t go to the parent to confront them about their child being a dick, my kids won’t be no punk so we hoping that they will defend themselves if need be. Mostly likely i will have a word with the child if the parent isn’t close by, some thing like we need to play nicely guys please and if my kid was in the wrong i will definitely reprimand them too.

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