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Meet my son

Please everyone; meet my son, Mogammad Yameen Siers. He is now about a month old. We decided on the name quite early on in the pregnancy. I wanted to somehow reference my dad without actually using his name, Mohammad Yusuf. Yameen means Oath, Right Hand, Right Wing (Of the Army).

Yameen has been such a pleasant child, he mostly cries when he wants to feed. He is otherwise so sweet and happy. Loves taking a bath, but doesn’t like getting dressed so much. He wakes up every 3 hours to feed, which is normal, but he is a lazy drinker and if he isn’t awake by the time he needs to feed, we leave him until he is ready, otherwise he won’t drink and you end up waking up for nothing at 3am in the morning. He is on the number 1 Nan formula and he has taken to it well. The whole family is absolutely in love with him; even my extended family adore him and said he is so cute. Okay, yes I am blowing my own horn but he really is so adorable and sweet. Anyway..

Here are a couple of things you didn’t know about having a new-born.

  1. A new-borns smell is infectious; I literally have my nose up against the baby and smelling him because he smells so good. Everything about him draws you in. I completely forgot how it feels to have a new born in my life. I have to say it really awesome.
  2. A boys pee goes everywhere, including his face, do you know how many times we had to dodge pee flying everywhere.
  3. The whole circumcision process is rather traumatic, we went with Dr. Jakoet who is really nice and friendly, but he talks so much that you end up feeling exhausted when you leave, and yes you will cry the entire time. I found it to be very hard to stay in the room. Zahir of course was the strong one and said it wasn’t that bad. The baby won’t remember anything which is good, but just give lots of hugs and kisses.
  4. If you have other kids, they will try to help you and they will make a mess, remember it’s easier to let them help and feel involved than them telling you that you love baby more than them. Lol oh the guilt trips
  5. A fed baby is just a lot better than a starving baby. Mom that formula feed will know what I’m talking about
  6. New-born and 0-3 months clothing really doesn’t fit within 4 weeks of your child being born, they will outgrow them within 4 weeks. Best just use what you have and don’t buy more clothing; it will be over before you know it.
  7. New born’s sleep most of the day for the first three months, use this time wisely because the older the baby gets the more awake he will be during the day but the good news is they he will sleep for longer at night.
  8. If you feel like your breast milk or formula isn’t agreeing with your child, use something else, you will have to go through a few of them to find the one that will agree with your child, i know a lot of money wasted.
  9. New born nappies don’t last for longer than two months max, don’t buy too many when you are pregnant thinking you are scoring when baby comes, if any you will sit with a lot of new born nappies that you will probably give away to a new mom.
  10. Sleep when new born sleeps, i know its hard because you would rather want to read a book, or shower, or take a poop but if you can… do it, you need your strength for night shift.

Let me know what you have experienced with your newborn, how you deal with daily life with a new born and if you have bee experiencing any baby blues?

Until next time…


  1. Mogammad Yameen – what a wonderful gift? And such a lucky lad to have such a fine family to share his time on earth with. May you all be richly blest
    And may this blog continue to inspire and uplift all who read its fine combination of humour and solid down-to-earth practical wisdom 🙂

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