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Review: Mattel’s Crystal Creatures

About a month ago we received a super pretty and colourful box. The girls were absolutely ecstatic.

Mattel South Africa has launched the first series of Crystal Creatures, a range of buildable creatures with slime and sparkle surprise.

What are these mystical creatures?

Inside the box were 5 shimmering crystal eggs revealing a glitter slime surprise. You can mix the pieces and try different stylish combinations to create your own unique and mesmerizing creature. With Frostwhite™, Aquagem™, Nightsky™, Rubywing™ and Rosestone™

The girls spent quite some time playing with the slime while I was silently cringing because it went everywhere especially the little bits (body parts if you will). It sticks to almost everything but luckily doesn’t leave anything behind.

This is where the fun began.

It was time to assemble their creatures. We had to first remove all the bits from the slime and put them together. It took the girls a while to actually navigate through the instructions on how to assemble the creatures. There were instances when the girls got frustrated because it was time consuming and so many parts to go through. Slowly but surely the creatures were coming together. With my help we finally finished. What an achievement, they never gave up. The girls were so happy with the result.

We were able to display the creature inside or on top of the egg or use the display rod to create mystical poses. However, if you are not careful, the creatures can break apart quickly and you would have to start again.

I think it’s a great toy for kids who can appreciate the assembling part and the girls loved the overall process, they loved playing with the toys more.

Crystal Creatures are ideal for ages 5 and up. For more information about Crystal Creatures, please click here 

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