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Mattel Mega Bloks Polar, Safari and Forest Friends

Yameen loves blocks, he loves putting them together and building something fun and functional. It’s always a house or make shift gun or he pretends his Spiderman, a hero in his little make shift world. So, Yameen received a special delivery a few days ago, it’s always nice that he gets to explore and gets the opportunity to learn through play and Mattel Mega Bloks 10 piece Polar Friends doesn’t disappoint. It’s not always easy to find toys that are ecofriendly. I feel like not many parents actually know about eco-friendly sustainable toys. But not to worry, I’ve got some tea for you!! 


Introducing Mattel’s very first building blocks that are made from plant-based plastics. This is huge. This has got to make any parent feel good about purchasing toys that won’t harm the environment. You can build your own polar environment by matching blocks featuring printed animal pictures and by building a penguin and a polar bear, or mix and match them to create your own unique animals and environment.  

This set comes in 100% recyclable and FSC-certified packaging, made from both recycled and sustainably-grown renewable raw materials. The blocks are designed to be durable and are compatible with all other MEGA BLOK toys. 

The MEGA BLOKS plant-based block sets come in 3 different themed boxes  

10-piece Polar Friends – which is the one that we were kindly sponsored 

70-piece Woodland Friends 


You can also purchase the Safari Friends, a construction set that includes 30 big building blocks made from sugarcane-based polyethylene, a renewable raw material. Your toddler will love building a safari adventure, matching and stacking blocks to build a tiger, an elephant and a monkey. Or, watch them develop their creativity as they mix and match pieces to create their own unique animals.  

The building set includes 30 big building blocks. It has the same durability and is compatible with all Mega Bloks® building toys. You are able to build an environment. Mix and match your safari friends and have lots of fun. 

You can purchase the Safari Friends themed box here  


Ideal for ages 1+

Endorsed by Fisher-Price®

First Builders™ blocks are the perfect fit for little hands with major fun in mind and to develop creativity and fine motor skills. 

Does Yameen love this blok set?

Yes, absolutely! if the pictures doesn’t show it, he is obsessed with the blocks. He loves the colours and the penguin and polar bear characters. Makes for some imaginative story telling. He plays with the bloks for a long time each day. His sisters also wanted in on the action and he loves to share his blocks with them. How cool is that? and its not often that he is willing to share but through imaginative play with his blocks he learns some valuable skill sets. I love that the toys are eco friendly and good for the environment. Its make living on this earth more bearable.

I think this is a perfect Christmas gift for a family member, because its affordable, with bright colours and supports creative learning and its good for the environment. Literally a winning combination.

Until next time x

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