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My Maternity UIF Submission with Mom’s Link to UIF agency

I’ve had to claim maternity UIF benefits twice in my life and I’ve got to say it’s the most irritating process to have to go through. Any mom who’s had to claim will tell you the same. The first time I claimed I did it myself. Now this is the first thing you doing wrong. It’s a mission to get all the documentation especially if you haven’t worked at a company for longer four years. If you worked at different companies in a four year span guess what? You will have to get the forms required by all the companies you’ve worked at. By the time I was ready to submit my claim I had returned to work already.

So the second time around I decided to go with an agency, with a little research and recommendations from my readers and Facebook friends I went with Mom’s link to UIF agency who basically submits all documentation to the Department of Labour on your behalf and does the follow ups for you too. I found this to be so convenient and quick. Granted you still have to get the documents to the agency. But they make it so easy for you. I had unpaid maternity leave for four months, yes girl no salary for the entire time and once all documents were received and submitted by Mom’s Link to UIF I received my first payment about three weeks after submission, just in time for holidays and New Year’s. You receive an email of follow up submissions and when you can expect the second and third payment and amount you will receive.

Okay so this is the process:
0. Enquire with Mom’s Link to UIF via email and you should get a response within a day or two with general information about the company and process of submitting your UIF.
0. Make the once off payment and send proof of payment to the email address (all correspondence will be via this email address)
0. You will receive a bundle of documents that must be completed by yourself and selected persons, companies, doctor or clinic and bank.
0. When all documents and relevant information is completed you send an electronic mock copy to Mom’s Link to UIF for confirmation that all documents are relevant and correct and what’s nice about them is that they send you feedback with a detailed list of what you have and what you still need to get. You are required to have a birth certificate of baby, bank statement and ID document included in the completed bundle
0. ALL documents must be certified and original
0. Original certified documents must be dropped off or delivered to Mom’s Link to UIF after confirmation.
0. You will received a confirmation email with payment schedule

that’s it, you are given a waiting period of two to six weeks and can receive your first payment anytime in that period. Like I said I got my first payment in week three. This method is really convenient and the agency is quick and efficient. Their response time is prompt and you will receive very good service. I just wish I had done this the first time around. It would have saved me a lot of grief and misery. I think that the worst thing about maternity leave is having no money and worrying about where you going to get your next meal or formula from. Okay I’m being a little dramatic but this has been on my mind lately. Finance or lack thereof can be a major bummer in your life especially with a new born and other kids moaning for something to eat every hour on the hour. I would say don’t completely rely on the maternity UIF payment because you don’t actually know when you going to get it unless you go with an agency. Prepare while you are pregnant by buying meat and other food items that can be frozen or stored ahead of time. Save a little bit of money every month so that you are covered for a few months while you are on maternity. Buy bulk nappies, although the baby’s outgrow them so don’t buy too many because you will sit with nappies that are too small for baby.

If I can give you advice because I know the first month or two will be hectic for you moms, is don’t wait on getting your documents together. Don’t procrastinate because you feel like it’s a mission to get the documents sorted. Be quick and most of all read the instructions from that list that you will be given. It might seem logical but I made the mistake once or twice of just scanning through and missed vital instructions and had to go back to redo some documents. Silly me!

If you are interested in inquiring with Mom’s Link to UIF please check out their website here

Please let me know if you claimed on your own or with an agency and what your experience was. I’d like to hear from you and I’m sure other moms will benefit from your experience too.

Until next time

  1. I also made use of Mom’s Link to UIF in 2014. It was money well spent as I had no issues.

  2. I made use of momslink according to them they have sumbitted my forms in may2019 ,im still waiting for 1st payment ,phoned the DOL system the have found nothing about me online im so disappointed.

    • I’m so sorry to hear. Have you tried contacting Moms Link via telephone? I know a lot of moms who had really great experiences with them so its quite weird that you are having issues with them

      let me know if you come right!

  3. I also make use of mom’s link for my uif maternity last year September but haven’t had anything from them try phoning and email but no answer on both

    • Hi there I’m really sorry to hear. Have you tried visiting them, otherwise the other option would be to visit the department of labour yourself. A few friends I know have submitted themselves and says the whole process isn’t that bad.
      Let me know if you come right

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