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Life with Three kids

This picture was taken @canalwalk #spacestation event last week and the kids had such a blast

The other day I was approached by one of my readers and she asked me how I manage three kids and if I had any advice for her because she was expecting her second child and she was feeling a little nervous about managing two kids at the same time and on her own. I was so happy that she asked me for advice and I thought maybe just maybe there are some of you that can somehow benefit from this post too. I know I’m not an expert, although I am an expert when it comes to my kids, but maybe you can relate to any of these points and if so then I am happy that what I am doing with this blog is helpful. And so this is what I told her.

I was lucky enough to only go through two pregnancies and get three kids out of it, so my experience isn’t normal, although I didn’t know any different when I had the twins as I was forced to learn pretty quickly. From having no kids at all to two kids in one go was quite overwhelming, and petrifying. We knew that when baby number three came we were completely out of our comfort zone and that three kids was going to be quite a huge adjustment. The transition from two kids to three is a big adjustment because you now have one more mouth to feed, one more person to keep alive, happy and healthy. Your family becomes bigger and the stress can intensify one thousand times more than when you had less kids.
Managing three kids is no joke, its hard work and they drive you crazy on the daily. I have to admit that I have a nanny that helps me Monday to Friday but she mostly helps by getting the girls sorted like washed and ready for bed otherwise she does the housework, and she only really reliefs me when I need to go to the toilet or workout (at home) or shower or eat, you know the necessities and when I go back to work then she will take over.

I believe that your partner MUST help you, especially with baby number 1. This is a non – negotiable. This will help you find your feet with baby number 2 until you feel you have it covered. Schedules and routines is an absolute must. If you have one which I’m sure you do, continue with it, and adjust where you can because most times things aren’t going to go as planned. But also I know that children always want their mother, always!! Even if daddy and nanny are in the house, granny can also be around; the girls will always come to me for anything. They don’t want daddy to sleep by them, they don’t want granny to feed them, and they don’t want nanny to brush their teeth. Their response is always “I want mommy”. It can get rough because I have to do “night shift” too, so by 7 am in the morning I look like a zombie about to unleash craziness on everyone.

It’s your child’s job to drive you crazy, and you will feel like you are going to go insane, when I find myself about to lose my shit I take a break.

I think that what you can do to just let go and rejuvenate is maybe on a Saturday let your hubby take baby number 1 out so you can chill with a movie cos baby number 2 will sleep ALOT the first few months. Express and let hubby feed baby by taking one or two night shift round… trust me you will need it. Have some me time without any kids, even if you are just chilling with a friend for an hour and moan about how hard life is or if you want to put a positive spin on it then talk about how amazing you feel and how life is a blessing. Or take a bath for an hour or go to the garden and read a chapter of the book you have been dying to read or go to the other room and close the door and do a 20 minute workout. You don’t have to leave the house and neither does your family. You know there is no way that you can look after a family if you don’t take care of yourself.

The other thing I do a lot is that I gather my family and go to my mother, sister or hubby’s parents for the day, it’s almost always on a Sunday, my chill day and the moment I arrive at my family’s house, I give the baby to whomever wants him and I sit on the couch and chill. Ha ha my family is happy to help. I literally felt like I was getting cabin fever, so I look forward to going to moms just to chill.

And the rest I just wing it. I make sure my kids are fed, and their daily needs are met, and I literally just go from there. I was super heavy with the house having to always be clean or the girls having to bath literally every day at the same time, but you quickly realize that shit happens and you can’t get to do it all.

Until next time

  1. A dope post.. love it.. i found adjusting to 2 kids hard as hell but you somehow just get it all done with being crazy or being calm..

    • Shukran, yeah it is tough managing more than one child, but you doing great mama keep it up x

  2. I get asked this all time especially when I have all 5 out at the same time 🙂
    I think we all do what we have to!

    • Gosh, managing three is hard but five officially makes you supermom!

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