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Life Lately, its been a while

Yo! This has been long coming. I’ve been very quiet for the first few months of this year because life happened. There are way too little hours in the day that I just can never get to posting anything lately. I’ve been so busy with life and work and the kids that I’m barely making it every day.

So here’s what happened lately:

The girls started grade 1:

I know it’s insane. The girls are in the second term so a lot of it has to do with them learning their words, blending of letters to make a word and spelling. Then maths and life skills are part of their curriculum and I think the girls are definitely improving. Homework is a lot, like a lot a lot. I take one child and Zahir the other to get through the homework every day and most times it doesn’t go well because 1) our patience with them is very low (we are working on it) 2) having to go back to basics and help our children is no joke. But I think they are getting there. Will report back at the end of the year.

My birthday came and went and before I knew it I was 36: 

It was nice, chilled. Zahir and I went to lunch at Cape Town Fish Market. I love this place because there is a little bit of everything in own restaurant. If you feel like having sushi, they got your covered. If you like having a big ass steak, they got you, and lots more. They make mean mocktails too. Zahir surprised me with a genuine leather sling bag and tickets to see Sam Smith. Pretty stoked!

Working on my fitness: 

I’m really into fitness lately and have given myself this year to try and lose 12kgs.

It’s a lot to lose I know but I feel confident that it can be done. I try my best to work out for half an hour, three to four times a week. I only work out for a half an hour at a time because my family loses the plot if go any longer than that scheduled time. Like literally, they count the minutes. I love to dance and have really taken a liking to yoga, especially when I have had a crazy day at work. It’s almost always when everyone is asleep and the house is quiet. It’s the best time to relax with yoga.

I have an Instagram page called CMJ_extra. It’s an extension of my Crazy Mom Journal page . On the CMJ_extra page you will find some dance moves and yoga videos, what I eat in a day, work out inspiration. I have also incorporated HIIT and abs workouts because I want to loose more in this area. This is also a platform where I can be myself. Mostly females follow me, unfortunately I block male followers that I don’t personally know.

Please check it out if you like, share, comment and like if you wish. This page was created to hold myself accountable. I get discouraged quickly and the interaction that I get from people helps me and motivates me to continue.

Sam Smith: 

Holy cow, what a saga! Zahir and I went to the Sam Smith concert (Zahir bought us tickets for my birthday) and about forty five minutes into the concert, Sammy cancelled the show.

I mean, we literally sat there for a few minutes thinking he was pranking us.

Then we saw the band leave the stage and people leaving the arena. Everyone was so upset and just couldn’t believe that he cancelled the show. I realised later though that, we were lucky because he cancelled all the concerts (I think three concerts were scheduled for CT).

The forty five minutes we spent with him was magical. He sang all my favourite songs. The crowd sang the song with him in unison. The atmosphere was just so energetic and happy. He is so cute and charismatic and has a voice of an angel. I wish I took more pictures and videos now although when I was there I wanted to be present and sing and dance and I didn’t want to worry with a phone.

Sorry I know this is such a bad pic of him. My camera takes crap pictures in the dark.

My little baby boy, Yameen:

Month: 17 

Weight: 10.5kgs (I’m not sure why he is so underweight)

Clothing size: 12-18 months.

Diaper size: Size 5 Pampers

Feeding: He will taste everything, but pulls his face when he doesn’t like something. He still drinks his formula bottle, mostly at night. Loves chicken and fruit and doesn’t like veggies that much. He has a sweet tooth but we curb him because if you don’t eat your meal you can’t have sweet. That’s the number 1 rule in our home when it comes to eating. I need to do some research into meals that I can give him and prepare for mealtime. I don’t think he is eating as much food as I’d like.

Sleep: One nap during the day and normally for an hour max. He still sleeps in our bed. I love having him next to me, also he sleep rather shit. I do try to put him in the cot, but he wakes up frequently at night and so having to put him in our bed and then take him out again when he falls asleep is rather daunting and I honestly don’t have energy.

Milestones: He learns a new word almost every day, repeats many words and can associate certain pictures with words. He says words like juice, blanket, outside, mama, dada, tietie (for Zia) and Tazia (for Tazkia), shoes, nana (for his bottle) no of course lol

Loves: To play outside. He asks to go outside all day long, doesn’t matter if it’s raining or windy. It’s his happy place. He has also just discovered baby shark (kill me now) we tried for a long time not to get him hooked. His favourite song is 2002 by Anne-Marie.

Dislikes: Not being able to feed himself. He wants to do feed himself all the time and makes a mess everywhere. I don’t always let him for obvious reasons.

Mommy & Daddy could not live without: His adorable laughter. His such a sweet boy!

Different direction with my blog:

I feel like I want to move into a different direction when it comes to my blog. Also, because my kids are getting older, I no longer feel motivated to write about mommy issues and every day mom topics. But I know that there are many women out there who reads my blog looking for answers, or motivation or just to know that I don’t always have my shit together and that’s okay. Let me know if you want me to continue posting mommy lifestyle posts or what is it that you want me to address. I don’t know if I will completely move from mommy topics completely, but I definitely should move into a different direction. Perhaps you would like to see my empties video or posts about products I’ve used up and super mini reviews.

I could do with some help so please do comment below.

Until next time. X


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