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How to stop self doubt

I’m normally the first one to say that self-doubt has at some point or another crippled me into believing that I’m not good enough for anything good or successful or anyone that would love me. Crippled by the thought of never succeeding or finding love. Crippled by the thought of being alone. Crippled by feeling like my looks and body shape is not the best.

But all that negative vibes are gone and I’ve come to realize a few things so I’ll be sharing them with you. My 5 tips to lose the self-doubt and be more confident in the decisions you make in life. Be more confident in yourself and let that light reflect to others. Be the light that will draw goodness and positivity into your life. Anyway I’m rambling so here you go.

Change your mind-set – you know that inner voice that also creeps in and makes you feel like you are not worthy of anything good. That voice that makes you feel shit about yourself and your life. The one that allows you to think negatively and ultimately discourage you from success and happiness and greatness. NO sister! Change the way you think about yourself and how you feel about yourself. Only you know your worth so let that shine. Every now and then that little voice is going deter you from fighting for what you deserve. After all you are your worst critic.

Declutter negativity – Clear your life of all people and things that bring negativity into your life. Challenge anyone and anything that is going to try and prevent you from doing something that you are passionate about. If someone is constantly going to say things that is going to make me feel shit about myself, I’m definitely going to kick their ass out of my life.

Don’t worry about what people think of you – This is hard because we live in a period where women are always being judged. We live in a period where negativity is frequent and available everywhere. Ah! Who cares what anyone thinks anyway? You are the one who is responsible for your life and what you choose to let into it. If someone is being crap to you ‘spuit hulle met doom’ lol (spray them with doom) no not that dramatic of course but to rather just block them out of your life. Anyone or anything that doesn’t bring value to your life is not deserving of being in it. Trust in your ability to say no, you having none of it. Work towards feeling good about yourself without worrying about what others think.

Look after YOU – that’s my mantra always. Take the time to look after your overall well-being. Nurture yourself by doing things that you love and that makes you feel good about yourself. Take a break once in a while to do something that feeds your soul. Drink water to hydrate, eat healthy and workout. You won’t believe what a little exercise does for your overall well-being. Take a time out from the craziness of your life and do something for yourself. Something you are passionate about. Trust yourself – so that even if you fail at something, at least you have tried.

I hope this post will bring you some light and love and inspire you to look within. Id love to read your thoughts on this topic. Please comment your thoughts below.

Until next time x

  1. I’m experiencing self-doubt now that I’m job hunting again – during interviews it shows. I realise I have to change my mindset, hugely that’s the problem.

    • Hi Hun, i understand that job hunting can be terrifying and hard and it brings out a vulnerability that you actually cant control. From a HR perspective i would say study your CV, learn about your work experience and then speak from the heart, only you know your life. That should help with nerves and confidence. Plus you’ve got this man, you’ll be fine

  2. Our minds are our most powerful resource, hence we need to be selective in his negativity an impact in our overall wellbeing. Great tips!

  3. Wow awesome piece on self doubt…been going through a bit myself especially after my 3rd pregnancy stressing about loosing baby weight and putting pressure on myself to be the perfect mom and wife….would definitely try the last tip… Looking after ME!…Thank you so much😊

    • Thanks hun, I know it creeps up on you, and before you know it, you doubting yourself as a woman, wife, mother, career person, everything. But chin up hun, we here for you x

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