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How to be a confident mommy

I think most of us moms struggled with body confidence at some stage of our lives, whether it was when we picked up a little weight, had a baby or at some point let ourselves go. Now by all means and a little disclaimer, we all are beautiful and unique in our own way, and by no means am I saying that body confidence is bad and make us feel inadequate. Being confident as a mother in my opinion definitely means doing things for yourself that makes you a woman, it’s hard I know because where is the time during the day to actually do things for yourself. There are lots of moms doing it for themselves on social media; you can just see that they are happy because they are working at being a mother, a business woman, wife, friend, fitness freak, and they are so confident at being all these things. Also in no way can you look after another person if you cannot look after yourself. Even if you just doing something for yourself once a week, you just have to, it’s an absolute must.

Anyway below are 7 ways to have body confidence

1. Do not compare yourself to someone else, our bodies are our own and how we perceive and nurture our bodies is our business. Whether you let yourself go or not, being confident with yourself is the best thing you can do for yourself.

2. Get up and go gym; no one is going to do it for you. Take that yoga class and Pilate’s class, you are blessed with one body, and only you can be the change you want to see beside the best body revenge is a body that had just given birth. Think Khloe Kardashian yes, yes okay she didn’t give birth but damn her body is smoking. She went through something that changed her life drastically and of course was tired of being the fat sister. Her body transformation is amazing and she wanted to change her lifestyle for the better.

3. Stop putting other women down, especially if they want to be some sort of inspiration to you. Now granted you probably never asked for it. But the best support for women is women who went through possibly the same situation. There are so many women out there to look up to.

4. Retail therapy is the best form of therapy, get clothing confident. There is loads of inspiration out there for basic clothing wardrobes. Wear clothes that makes you feel good.

5. Smile more. There is nothing better than a smile to make one feel good. No harm has ever come to anyone who had a genuine smile for another person.

6.  Choose your battles – if you feel heavy or fat that day, stay home and do some spa treatments, facials and waxing, a detox drink or tea and just have a lady day. Call in some friends and take a time out. You need a mommy break once in a while. There is nothing wrong with that.

7. Wear make up and style you hair every day, it’ll make you feel good. Looking put together daily will make you feel confident about yourself. Plus who doesn’t want to look good every day. I know i do.

What makes you a confident mommy?

I would love to read your thought, please do by commenting below.

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