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Holiday: Montague Springs

This week passed my family and I took an awesome and relaxing trip to Montague Springs. The first and second day was raining non stop so we didn’t get to do much, however the skies cleared and the weather was warmer and we could spend some time at the pools, braaing and playing at the park with the girls. It felt though like a week was too short because before we knew it, it was all over and we were on our way home.

Have a look!

IMG_1971 IMG_1966 IMG_1995 IMG_2004 IMG_2009 IMG_1998 IMG_1952 IMG_1954 IMG_1988 IMG_2003 IMG_1996 IMG_1987 IMG_1969

  1. my family’s favourite and first choice for a holiday destination year-round:)

  2. This is awesome thank you so much

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