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Happy New Year Plans

Hi everyone, Happy New Year!

It’s been ages since I’ve posted on the blog. I’ve just been living and having a good old time with my family.

This post is basically a recap of the month of December and my plans for 2019.


The month of December started off rather hectic. Work had me stressing and wrapping up last minute work things. I became emotionally and physically tired. My brain couldn’t put any proper thought together and that night I went to bed exhausted but happy that work was done. Excited for an adventurous week we headed into. I bought a few odds and ends and lots of food and luxuries for our week away at De Hollandse Mollen in Franshoek. We left on the 28th December 2018. Spent our New Year’s outside watching the fireworks and came back to reality a week later. It was awesome. But more on that in another post. We ate a lot of braai. It’s safe to say that I don’t want to see another chop. And hopeful for what’s to come in the New Year.



Plans for the New Year:

I’ve been thinking a lot of about this as most of you have too I’m sure. It’s no surprise though I do it every year but I don’t get through most of the resolutions by the time the year ends. Because things happen and everything costs money. So this year I wanted to set realistic goals, not too many, just enough that I know I will commit to and see to the end (of the year)

So here goes:

  1. Finances – I want to reduce my expenses and save some extra cash. This will be an emergency budget that I will keep available in case of well, an emergency. Something always happens, like our medical aid runs up mid-year and we have to pay cash for doctors’ bills or medication; our car requires a service or new brakes and a million school outings that we don’t cater for financially but have to fork out every month.
  2. My Health – I’ve come to the point where I’m so fat that I don’t feel good in my skin. Nothing I wear looks good on me. I look fat and uncomfortable. It really a crap look that I want to get rid of ASAP. Another reason why I want to look at my health as a whole is that I have a heart condition and every day I worry about heart attacks and strokes that I could possibly bring on due to my bad eating and weight. So, the moment I got back to work, I started eating healthier. But I think I need a dietitian to help me find a solution. I said this before, I feel like I should check out my thyroid and a dietician may help me with getting the proper tests done and help me help my body get to a better place. Then fitness, I’ve realised that I actually really dislike working out. I’m always finding excuses to not work out. So, my plan is to get someone, a fitness instructor of some sort to help motivate me. Because come 2020, I don’t want to be sitting in the same position speaking about the same issue. No, this is the year that I’m going to change all that.
  3. Declutter – Every day I look at the stuff I have in my house and I cringe. I have way too many stuff that my family and I don’t use. Like a lot of stuff. I yearn for a minimalist house where the items in our house is used and loved and everything has a place. I don’t care that it’s not new. A house is supposed to be lived in (I mean having new stuff is nice). But I can make do with what I have and be clutter free and happy. So the plan is to tackle each room and really be realistic and honest about items that we are not using. Apply the keep, donate and sell system.

That’s it, those are my new year’s resolutions that I want to specially tackle and commit to because ya’ll know I have a lot more plans in the pipeline for this year. Let me know what yours are for 2019 by commenting below.

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