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First Trimester Experience

Hi everyone,

If you read my previous post you know that my first trimester was brutal with nausea, exhaustion and migraines. I found that with this pregnancy, the first trimester was the worst. Maybe its because I’m older and my body cannot endure all these crazy things happening to it. I had lots of ailments and i had to learn to listen to my body and what it basically allowed me to endure and eat and use. I think what got me through it was these essential items that made my life just little better.

Nausea had me all miserable and the following really helped me tremendously

1. Always ensure that you eat regularly and never skip a meal. Keeping my stomach full helped alleviate the nausea. I’m not sure how and why but it helped. Also healthy foods unfortunately didn’t help with the nausea, I think it just made me want to eat more and I was never satisfied. I lived off KFC for the first three months (ok not really, but I had it ALOT), and I feel that when I had starchy or fatty food (not the healthiest kind) it filled me and kept me fuller for longer. Bread was my best friend. However, closer to the end of my first trimester I went to my cardiologist and he advised that I need to control any cholesterol and high blood pressure early on in my pregnancy and throughout or face the same sort of birthing process I had the last time and very quickly I changed my eating habits.

2. Stay clear from dairy food items. I found the dairy food items made me extremely nauseas and triggered migraines. I lived off weak rooibos tea. After a while I couldn’t have weak tea anymore, and used almond milk instead, it’s a healthier option and I had other breakfast options like porridge instead of toast.

3. Ensure that you have a snack and fruit on hand for when you on the road or at work and cannot get to a shop, this helps when you are feeling peckish or you are in between meals. I like having bananas and healthy snack bars for in-between meals. I find that apples made me hungrier that I would normally be unless I had it with some maple syrup/ honey and peanut butter.

4. Drink lots of water. This ensures that you are hydrated at all times. If you are like me and didn’t bother to eat healthy, drinking water will flush out all the bad stuff.

5. Almost throughout the first trimester my immune system was so weak. I’d joke that baby was a vampire literally sucking the life out of me. For those days where you feel like you need a lift me up, the Woolworths cold pressed Vitamin C and Apple and Ginger shots is ideal. The Kauai flu smoothie and flu shots are also really great in boosting your immune system as well.

A few products I really couldn’t live without

1. Elizabeth Arden Eight hour cream skin protectant – this product I use especially when my lips was dry and for areas that need moisture. I keep it on my desk at work. You can actually see its been used a lot.

2. Any kind of fragrances would just make me feel sick, even soap with a sharp fragrance was a no-no, I used the Clicks brand fragrance free aqueous cream soap. This did the job with moisturising your skin. It’s a great alternative for the girls too who has eczema.


3. Vicks VapoRub – I cannot live without this stuff. I rub some on the forehead, under the nose and on temples, and my favourite, I’ll ask hubby (in the nicest tone) to massage my neck with some Vick VapoRub. This helps with subsiding any tension headaches or migraines giving my neck the much needed relief.

4. My mom gave me sound advice – when you are sick, fasting or pregnant you don’t have to look it, and I really live by it. Most days when I was on my worst I couldn’t be bothered, but when I had good days, and made more effort on my appearance, I ensure that I have a fantastic moisturizer, I’m currently using the Dermalogica active moist face moisturiser. I bronze my face with the Benefit Hoola Bronzer – love this stuff and add a little blush, I’m now dipping into the MAC Blush in Margin Frost. This combo just gives my face a glowing effect and puts much needed life into my face. I normally finish it off with MAC Whirl or See Sheer lipstick and these two are regulars in my makeup bag. I cannot be bothered with foundations at this stage.


Overall, I’m just thankful and completely overjoyed that the first trimester is complete.

Until next time

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