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Finding Inner Peace


Finding Inner Peace

For the past few weeks I have been reading about horror child abuse and killings, and I have had enough. I cannot read anymore about these terrible, undignified and heartbreaking stories. I worry constantly about how I’m possibly going to protect my children as they grow up and become independent.

How can I possibly find peace in this world?

How can I live in a world that allows such cruelty and pain?

Who on earth gave these people the right to hurt the innocent?

And for fuck sake why would these people cause such terrible pain to a child?

May my family especially my children and nephews and nieces be protected by the Almighty always. May I find the peace I need. May the Government bring back the death penalty … Insha Allah (God Willing)

  1. Aww Bidi… I know what you mean. I dont have any kids, but my siblings and cousins I love them dearly an every single night when I hear sirens and late house calls (when they not home) the worse is always in my mind.
    I always think about ‘that siren could’ve been an accident’ where maybe children younger than Nabilah could be injured…

    I fear that something will ever happen to them, but every morning and when I sleep I say my Ayatul Kursi an at times I cry because I’m so worried, but ease up as we can only trust Allah

  2. It really is very worrying. And the very thought that any of these horrid things could happen to my future kids, makes me not want to have kids. What type of person would I be? All we can do is pray for all our children.

    • I agree, its very worrying. Although to have your baby in your arms for the first time and many times after is all worth it. We need try to keep out kids protected and pray for their well being always. Thanks for responding.

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