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Fears – When you are your worst enemy

My worst fear is not being able to protect my children… from this insanely dangerous and tough world. I think that I am my own worst enemy in this sense because I can’t control my fears and my fears sometimes make me feel depressed and anxious. With so much happening in this cruel world, I think my fears are pretty normal and practically everyone that I know feels the same or have experienced dangerous situations and lived to tell the tale.

I fear I won’t be able to protect my children from bullying. I see videos and read articles of children as small as 4 being bullied and all I can picture is my kids being hurt in that manner. They have less than a year to go before big school and I’m terrified to send them now already. I am seriously thinking of having them attend some sort of class that would teach them to defend themselves. Also it doesn’t hurt that these classes will teach my kids some discipline cos Lord alone knows they need it.

I have this fear of my kids drowning, and we decided to have them go to swimming classes. They started last year via their preschool, and they honestly love it so much. The girls are so good at swimming now. The best thing you can do for your kids especially if you know they are fearless is to let them go to swimming classes. You won’t regret it and it will give you peace of mind that your kids will be able to get out of a situation if they find themselves in water alone. You are potentially equipping them to handle water and swimming.

I fear being high jacked with my kids in the car and I’m not able to get all of them out in time. Honestly just the thought alone of one of my kids being helpless crying at the back seat of the car is enough to make me feel depressed. Luckily for me I read a lot of articles on high jacking and how to deal with getting your kids out of the car so I will know what to do if the need arises.

Below are a few points to consider if you are in a situation where you are being high jacked.

  • Always be aware of your surroundings when you arrive home especially at night, make sure to have your brights on and put off the radio so that you can be more alert. Be on the lookout for suspicious people. Also a good tip is that ADT has this service where you can call them to meet you at your home, especially late at night and if you don’t have fencing or your car is parked out in the open. They are pretty good at being at your home when you get there, granted you tell them the duration it will take you to get home, also the security officer will wait for you to get your kids and yourself inside the house before leaving. The amount of times that you can call them to meet you at your home is limited though, so choose calling out services wisely.
  • If you have an electric gate, make sure that you stop in the road as opposed to in the drive way, this makes for an easy getaway if the need arises.
  • In a case of a high jacking, don’t resist, calmly inform them that you don’t have any weapons and lift up your hands to show that you don’t have any weapons on you, do not make eye contact with the high jackers. If you have kids, get out of the car slowly and calmly tell the high jackers that you are taking your kids out of the car, and then move to do so, most times the male (your husband) will be restricted from you and in some kind of bind, because the high jackers will immobilised the male first, the best thing your husband can do is to be compliant and do exactly what the high jackers want, try to put some distance between yourself with your kids and the high jackers. Okay, this one may seem like logic, but I’m going to say it anyway, pray! Because 1) it will help you stay calm and 2) if all else fails you put your faith in God’s hands, and God always listens.
  • When it’s all over the first thing you do is phone the SA Police Service on 08600 10111. They will dispatch the medical services if needed. Otherwise ADT or any other security company that you are with, in fact the security company will probably arrive at your home a lot sooner than the police.

If you have any suggestions that you think I may have left out then please let us know by commenting below.

I fear one of my kids will be abducted and worse. I think this is a big one that practically every parent fears. I think knowing the whereabouts of your kids at all times is a must also knowing who they associate with is key to understanding your child, and be open and honest with them, being in constant communication with them, but respect their boundaries. I say this because I am always telling the girls that they need to give me some space, even if it’s just 5 minutes, so knowing when to give them space is important. Go onto their social media platforms once in a while because boundaries. Once in a while is okay because 1) it will be unexpected so your child won’t be able to delete contacts and chats etc. and 2) it will show your kids that you do care about their well-being. The above mostly applies to an older child, but if you at a mall and you have to take your toddlers with, one parent must at all times have his or her eyes on the children, communicate with each other, and the parent that is looking after the children must not be distracted with devices etc. this is important because it’s easy to whip out your phone to check it, but this is when the kidnapper strikes – when the parent is not aware. You always hear the parent say, I only took my eyes off my child for a second; well it only takes a second so leave the phone alone.

I have other fears too but that will just make this blog post look like a thesis and I’m sure there is just so much you can handle for now. Putting these fears out there does for sure help me with any anxieties that I have and unfortunately you cannot keep you child safe at all times, but knowing that you have done all that you could to keep them safe is important to know and I am hoping that this blog post will have everyone reading it deal with their fears and anxieties better.

Until next time

  1. I try not to think of the bad stuff or I stop myself when I think it.

    • i understand, its hard not to think about it because by thinking about it you are forced to find solutions.

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