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Exciting news: I’m pregnant

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This picture was taken when I was pregnant with the girls, i just feel like its so fitting for this post and almost no one really saw those maternity photo shoot pictures.

Yes you read correctly, I’m 14 weeks pregnant. It still feels surreal that by the end of the year another little one will be present in this world and in our home.

Just before we found out about the pregnancy, my husband and I were telling everyone that there was no way in hell we were going to have another child. How two kids were enough financially and for our sanity. That we were content with just the four of us. Little did we know that our little surprise was already on its way. Just goes to show that even though we have plans of our own, the Almighty’s plan will always prevail and also how confirmed are our plans anyway! Right?

Now, i don’t want to be a Betty downer but neither do I want to sugar coat my pregnancy and say its been the best ever with little to no mishaps. Its literally been the opposite since we found out i was pregnant. The first three months of my pregnancy was hell. Some women thrive at being pregnant, they love it and just relish at the thought, however my experience with pregnancy hasn’t been that great because I have had all sorts of ailments. The first pregnancy i feel was better, I think it’s my age lol. I was younger then (5 years ago), it was planned and i was more into it, if you know what I mean. This time around the morning sickness is just terrible overall but whats worse is that the morning sickness is ten times more terrible after i have been in a car for long periods of time, especially in traffic. The migraines oh em gee… the migraines have consumed my brain and it hasn’t stopped yet, I get them mostly on a Monday and/or Tuesday and for the entire day, so much so that I can barely function, and I’m literally in bed until it’s over. I also have a hormone that creates clots … nice! Not. Every night my husband has to inject me with Claxane that  prevents blood clots from forming within the blood vessels and this has to be done until six weeks after the pregnancy. Then it’s no secret that I have a heart condition, and that is another issue on its own that I’m dealing with. I wrote a post about my hospital experience after the c-section with my last pregnancy and you can read it here. I don’t want this post to be all about my many ailments because let’s be honest all pregnancies are different.

I haven’t had much cravings, although somehow mom’s veggie meals make my day. Meals like cabbage and pumpkin bredies and cottage pies with ywllow rice and corn is what i dream about. I’ve found that eating regularly and staying full keeps the nausea at bay. The moment i get hungry a spell of nausea would engulf my body, not the best feeling. Also, i know its bad but for the first three months all i ate was bread, and pasta and rice with everything, also lots and lots of KFC yuk!. Recently I had an appointment with my cardiologist, he gave me some good news regarding my pregnancy and heart condition, and that really put my mind at ease but what would cause issues later on in the pregnancy and birthing process was high blood pressure amongst other things. When i heard that I immediately began eating better and taking a little more care of myself. Now, i do still eat bread but in moderation. Gosh, i have also started peeing like a crazy person. Its highly annoying.

Last Thursday we went for the 12 week scan at the fetal assessment Centre in Claremont, where baby is measured and checked for down syndrome and of course if you want you can check the sex of baby too. Everything seems OK. Baby’s heart beat is strong and growing nicely and just so busy, moving around. The doctor confirmed that we having a boy. How exciting is that? We are super happy. I just knew it was a boy when i saw baby moving around so much. I’m sure that had it been a girl we would’ve been just as happy, but I’m not going to lie, with the baby being a boy really is the cherry on the cake. Next scan is in two weeks.

I’d be happy to report on the progress in two weeks.



  1. You r an awesome mom…brave brilliant and beautiful…may the Almighty bless this pregnancy and make it easy for you and ur baby boy.a woman to look up to…indeed!❤

    • Shukran Zarina for the kind words and duahs i really appreciate it xx

  2. Mubarak hun! Boys are mommy’s babies 😄💓

    • Shukran Hun, yes i’m hoping 🙂 but the kids and husband are already claiming him, the poor boy doesn’t stand a chance

  3. Mubarak on the pregnancy. Shukran for sharing. Wishing you well on your journey InshaaAllah

  4. Congrats Abieda. I am so happy for you. Wishing you all the best for the next few months and yes, please take good care of yourself.

  5. Thanks so much Alisa xx

  6. All the best for the rest of your pregnancy, I read your post about your hospital experience, how scary that must have been. You are very brave indeed, thank you for sharing! All the best

    • Shukran for the kind words
      Much appreciated xx

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